Brunei Attractions


The traditional longhouses can be found in the jungle areas of Temburong district , which can only be reached by boat. Crocodiles and monkeys can be seen on the 45-minute boat ride from the capital to Temburong. Around 16 km from the city of Bangar, Batang Duri Park is located on the Temburong River. There is a Rainforest Field Studies Center at Kuala Belalong in the Batu Apoi Forest Reserve ), which accommodates up to 24 visitors (tourists are also welcome). The almost three-hour boat trip there is quite adventurous and exhausting, since the canoes have to be carried at times. The recreation park of the same name is located in the middle of the almost 1100 ha large nature reserve Peradayan. A 1.6 km hiking trail allows you to climb the 410 m high Bukit Peradayan and the 310 m high Bukit Petoi and enjoy the panoramic view of the South China Sea, the surrounding hill ranges and the villages.


Only 10 minutes by car from Tutong, the most important city of the administrative district of the same name, is probably the most beautiful beach in the country: Pantai Seri Kenangan, which means something like »unforgettable beach« in the local language. It is bordered by the South China Sea and the Tutong River. Another place to visit is Tasek Merimbun, a picturesque lake with an island in the middle connected to the shore by a jetty. A jungle hiking trail offers the opportunity to get to know the species-rich bird life and the interesting fauna (approx. 80 minutes by car from the capital).

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Brunei Muara

Brunei Muara is the smallest and most densely populated of Brunei’s four governorates. Perhaps the most impressive sight in the capital, Bandar Seri Begawan, is the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque, situated in an artificial lagoon, with its golden domes and 54 m high minaret towering over the city. Marble was imported from Italy, stained glass and chandeliers from England, and carpets from Belgium and Saudi Arabia for the mosque. The Churchill Memorial with the attached Churchill Museum is also worth a visit. The cultural section deals with the history of Brunei Darussalam since the 19th century. The building complex also includesHassanal Bolkiah Aquarium, whose colorful tropical fish are on display every day except Mondays. The glamorous Lapau with the throne room is the scene of traditional royal ceremonies. A nice motif for souvenir photos is Istana Nurul Iman, the Sultan’s residence. The charming Tasek Park with its pretty waterfall is an oasis of calm. You can browse to your heart’s content at Tamu, a market whose colorful stalls are particularly attractive. The interesting Brunei Museum is about 6 km from the city center. The ethnological department and the collection of Chinese ceramics are particularly worth seeing. In the nearbyMalaysian Technology Museum shows the way of life of the Bruneians in the past. Nearby, on the banks of the Brunei, is the tomb of the 5th Sultan Bolkiah, known as “the singing admiral” for his love of music and lust for conquest. Nearby are the ruins of the ancient capital of Kota Batu, recently uncovered by archaeologists.

Romantic river trips with the sailing boat on the Brunei are offered. Departures are daily from Bandar Marine Department at 6.30pm for the 1.5 hour Sunset Cruise and at 8.00pm for the 2.5 hour Dinner Cruise with dinner on board and views of the city’s illuminated sights.

A trip upstream offers a glimpse of traditional villages. These remained almost untouched by the rapid industrialization of recent years. Don’t miss the stilted village of Kampong Ayer (literally ‘water village’) on the Brunei River, accessible via wooden bridges and water taxis from the capital. The village is home to around 30,000 people and the individual homes are connected by labyrinthine wooden walkways and bridges.

Kampong Parit Museum Village, 26 km from the capital, offers a journey into the past. Nature lovers can hike jungle trails 10km outside the capital at Wasai Kandal. A visit to Bukit Shahbandar is just as nice with its magnificent trees, picnic areas, fishing ponds and hiking trails. From the observation tower you have a breathtaking view of the South China Sea. The 199 ha large Berakas forest area is known for rare tree species.

The seaside town of Jerudong has a pretty seafront promenade, the Royal Polo and Golf Club, and an extensive amusement park with rides, fairground attractions, and a children’s fairyland.

About 15 minutes drive from Bandar Seri Begawan is Meragang Beach. Even more popular is Muara Beach, just under 17 miles away. Serasa Beach, a 10-minute drive from the capital, is ideal for windsurfers. There are half-day boat trips from Muara to the mangrove island of Pulau Selirong (journey time 45 minutes), where you can see various species of monkeys and birds in the wild.


Sungai Liang, in Belait District, is a forest region almost unique in Southeast Asia that is accessible by hiking trails (approx. 70 km/60 minutes by car from the capital). Guided hikes are offered.

About 25 km further on the road to Labi is another nature reserve, the 270 ha Luagan Lalak Park. Near Kampong Labi is Rampayoh with its traditional longhouses.
If you have the necessary physical condition and are not afraid of a two to three-hour jungle hike uphill and downhill, you will be rewarded with the sight of the idyllic Wasi Kadir waterfall.
Lumut Beach, Located 100 km from Bandar Seri Begawan and 10 km from Seria, invites you to sunbathe and laze around.

The main attraction in Kuala Belait is the old sultan’s residence, Istana Mangelela. For a day trip to Malaysia you can take the ferry to Kampong Sungai Teraban and from there continue on foot in local border traffic to Sungai Tujoh in Sarawak, Malaysia.

Sungai Liang