Who Is More Cool and Chic PURO Gyllenhaal or Ali Larter?

Black and Red. Two undeniably sophisticated colors and that they do not fail at any time. Day wants them, but most want them evening and above all, that blessed the cocktail hour. Today I bring you two versions of the same coin; two interpretations of the same trump card: How to be elegant without proposing it to you.

And it is not no macabeo roll, although in the world of fashion the word ornament is the King, but to lift the hand that he saw these two girls not come you to mind the word simplicity, naturalness, or distinction. If ever you had doubts about what put the typical party at sunset, or the communion of your small, raw material in a day of summer, or embarrassment or air of the North: Here is the answer.

PURO Gyllenhaal, It seems to me that it is simply perfect, although many will say that it seems to burial, and Ali Larter, that we are accustomed to seeing always much shorter, it is flawless.

Conclusion: Yes to the pencil silhouette, Yes on the measure below the knee. Yes to black, y sí, always, Red Valentino.