When The Weights Heavy Fashion Gives Great Lessons of Style (With Very Little)

Very little is needed to succeed, but even then not everyone achieves success. This phrase could well be applied to the world of fashion, and more After seeing the images (and looks) that today I’m going to show. And it is during this weekend in the Paris Fashion Week, the heavyweights of the fashion world have been allowed to see with looks so simple you give chills. And it is that they let you freeze with its comfort and style. Who knows succeed with little is Giovanna Battaglia: you only need a black minidress to pocket the public.

And to finish it to finish makes it a dress two-tone black and white. No volumes, complicated accessories or extravagant poses. With her is simply and triumphs. The same as Christine Centenera: its simple presence It’s already worth be commented. Although that has finished I conquer is the guaperrima (and very pregnant) Geraldine Saglio and that classic look that never goes out of style.

What do you think of this Trident fashion?