Viktor & Rolf – Two Fashion Researcher

Soon, slamming it. Every H & M stores worldwide will suffer mass invasion. In the true Lord of the Rings -anda comes the really hard-core fashion enthusiasts queue up several hours before. Maybe days. The reason is that Viktor & Rolf’s long awaited collection released. You’d better be in place. The Paris-based design duo consists of Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren, both born in 1969 in Holland. 1993, Le Cri Néerlandais – a group of Dutch fashion designers Viktor and Rolf there included – his first trip to Paris. But the group, which called the new Antwerp Six, did not live up to expectations and the group disbanded. Viktor and Rolf remained in Paris and soon Viktor & Rolf formed. The chemistry between the two sued directly, and later at the fashion festival in Hyères won the three prizes. The following year, they made debut in costume exhibition L’Hiver de L’Amour. At that rate, it has continued since then, with awards and prizes to the right and left.

In 2003, when the design duo celebrated its tenth anniversary dedicated to the exhibition at the Louvre in Paris. They are often called in the fashion world for the industry’s most innovative designers. Others call them for fashion researchers. Since 1993, Viktor & Rolf spent most of his time to create Haute Couture. It is only in recent years they have begun to do commercial collections.

Viktor & Rolf men’s collections are characterized by playfulness and humor in clothes. It is very graphic patterns and prints that do not really fit into this context. This autumn garments in their own collection consistently adorned with a hand grenade, both strict silk ties as a casual sweatshirt (pictured). Another remarkable thing is that it is only they who act fashion models on the catwalk during his impressions (presumably quite time consuming events).

The experimental, playful meets the strict, well-dressed. This is precisely the mix that characterizes Viktor & Rolf. Their clothes can not be directly placed in the budget of the union and not sold dozens of stores in every major city. Therefore, it is liberating to their design now become available without the need to stock up with noodles to scrape together the money. The collection for H & M is based on a love theme. On the women’s side is a heart recurrent decoration, on the men’s side, it is an arrow. Guaranteed worth queuing for November 9. Although it is about hours – or days.

Footnote: Many believe that Viktor and Rolf are twins, given that they are strikingly alike, dress alike and are born the same year, but that is not the case.