Tommy Hilfiger Published a Biography Which Can Become The Gift of Perfect Christmas for Fashion Lovers

Forty years in the fashion industry are a good endorsement for considering someone an expert in this world. If, in addition, your name is attached to a legendary brand in recent decades, may be a good number of people anxious to read what you have to tell them. That seems to be the premise of American Dreamer, the biography of Tommy Hilfiger, which went on sale last November and who stands out as a perfect Christmas gift for the fashion lovers.

In the book, the own Tommy talks about his life and the path that had to go through to become one of the best-known designers in the world. From its beginnings as a young entrepreneur until the Foundation of its brand, through its international growth.

«American Dreamer is a map of the moments that have defined in both my career and my life personally, from my childhood in Elmira, New York, until the creation of my global business. I am happy to be able to share my journey and I hope that I can inspire more people to pursue their dreams», said the designer.

The book is available in English, by 13.54 euros in version ebook and 29.64 in hardcover.