These Are Three Women from Donald Trump and So Is His Style. Calms Us Also Us Hard to Know Who’s Who!

Women’s Donald Trump they are giving a lot of talk in recent days. First your current spouse copies almost literally a discourse of the current first lady Michelle Obama and yesterday one of his daughters gives a speech where he also speaks of his father. Are rich and famous but perhaps you don’t know very well distinguish who is who and all seem to be cut by the same pattern.

Melania Trump

Spouse of the Republican nominee for the White House since 2005, Melania Knauss-Trump It is a former Slovenian model of 46 years of age. Your perfectly tanned skin and hair care down to the last detail are the fundamental features of their look. The tight dresses are your weakness, serve you from those with Sweetheart neckline in the pleats are the fundamental element. In the last appearances has managed to not only copy to Michelle Obama but that it has also managed to exhaust garments that used.

Here we see her much more sport with one of the best looks I’ve found of Melania. You have chosen jeans skinny jeans in white with beige shoes and a shirt the same shade and shelter, a really elegant combination.

When usa short dresses also likes to take them well adjusted to your silhouette, this time accompanied by Christian Louboutin shoes very nice green one, one of their favorite brands.

Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump (34 years) is a businesswoman, socialite, and American model. Although by the resemblance It could be daughter of Melania the truth is that Donald Trump Ivanka had when he was married to Ivana Trump (his marriage lasted 14 years). Like her hair a little more Platinum but the perfection of its monkeys makes it seem much more often. Although it also follows the style of tight dresses We have been able to see Ivanka Trump garments something more youthful: High heel booties, dresses organza very light and very delicate lacework.

Sure that this photograph has not been well received by Ivanka Trump But despite being a rich heiress also it is human. Her look is not bad a simple floral dress with black Sandals knotted, actually trend.

For stroll the streets of New York Choose a coat of color camel that despite being quite nice again to see how every day choose garments that make you older.

Tiffany Trump

Tiffany Trump He is the youngest of all, just 22 years old but it follows the path of his sister in terms of style. His mother is Marla Maples and here if we see a more striking difference as for example the factions of the face. Today It is between the famous Lizzy McGuire and the very Miley Cyrus, She can not live without her blonde mane and although dresses much more youthful also is a fan of these tight outfits. Perhaps the age make who dares with berets of the pop star and even necklines impossible but in the acts with his father seen as an authentic senorona.

It is not the most stylish family and in this look of white color makes it to demonstrate. She dresses so tight you don’t feel too well and if over have gathers much worse.

Tiffany if it is quite successful, is a typical of a girl of his age look: A leather dress of blue color that feel you up quite well. You can not claim to always go with suits having 22 years.