Street Style and The Phenomenon of The DoppelgaNger: See Double!

As of the Doppelganger in fashion It is a fact that has fascinated me for some time, a kind of phenomenon that has gone in crescendo in recent years, thanks in large part to the democratization of fashion driven by internet, the instant availability of knowledge, images… At this point you may ask, would have to do all this with the? Street style? A lot! Or is it that I am the only one who sees repeated items back in where to look?, clear example of this is the boom of skirt pants most famous Zara, that which seems that it will have more updates than the Isabel Marant’s Willow.

I am a fan, very fan of Acne, as they seem to be the blogger’s Weworewhat, Danielle Bernstein – which incidentally also I am very fan – and the cyclist captured in this photograph during the week of the fashion of Paris, who coincidentally wears the same Sweatshirt”Acne Studios L.NYG 23″as Danielle.

Nicole Warne’s Gary Pepper or Zina’s Fashionvibe, egobloggers which already staged a duel of style earlier this year wearing the same blue stripe midi skirt Zara, also have their place in this post on the duplicity in the Street style.

Another egoblogger and net-celebrity, Aimee Song, It has also coincided with one of the heavyweights of fashion, Joanna Hillman, Harper completo Bazaar US editor and member of the dome of publishers-fashionistas headed by Taylor Tomasi Hill, although this time the signature skirt Tibi and it belongs to his collection Resort 2014.

I suppose that in the end this will be only cosas mias, and really what I have to do is look at me view, consult a specialist and I any solution because this of the Street style double you will end up with me in the purest style number 23.