St. Vincent Social Condition Facts

Social conditions

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines have the lowest gross domestic product per capita among the Eastern Caribbean countries. Many people live in poverty, but there is no sure information on how many residents it is.

There is a national social insurance system which includes, among other things, old-age pension, accident insurance and maternity allowance. However, only professionals are involved in this.

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Violence against women is a serious problem. Minimum age to enter into marriage 15 years for girls and 16 for boys.

St. Vincent Country Social Condition Facts

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Infant Mortality: 15 per 1000 births (2018)

Proportion of population with access to clean water: 95.1 percent (2015)

Proportion of the population having access to toilets: 87.2 percent (2017)

Public expenditure on health care as a percentage of GDP: 4.2 percent (2015)

Public expenditure on health care per person: US $ 250 (2016)

Proportion of women in parliament: 13 percent (2018)


After several years of delay, 2017 was inaugurated Argyle International Airport, the first in the country to handle large aircraft. It is hoped that both tourism and the export industry will benefit from the fact that the country now has an international airport.

Argyle replaced the old ET Joshua airport which could only receive smaller aircraft from neighboring islands in the Caribbean. Smaller airfields are also found on some of the islands in the Grenadines. In Kingstown there is a deep water harbor.

The roads are often narrow and poorly maintained. The mountainous terrain of Saint Vincent contributes to poor road safety. Left-hand traffic applies.