Skirts Will Be Converted to Pictures of Zara in The New Skort?

Grunge is fashionable, up to there, but the plague of Tartan is going us Lords hands, and one of the biggest culprits is Zara. Yes, Zara, as you are reading it, because their patterned tartan skirts they are strolling the blogs of half the world, and I don’t know what gives me will soon end up becoming the new skort.

If I have not counted wrong there are three plaid skirts different blue and Red – I overlooked the green versions because it seemed too much-, one with a bottom flounce It follows the line of Balenciaga spring/summer 2013, another with two zipper pockets like that reminds me of the dress that Olivia Palermo wore one of the days of the week of the fashion of Paris, and finally, a third model in version MIDI and high waist. It will be by designs!

Versatile they are, there is no doubt of this, and cute also, but will reach these Zara tartan skirts to tire as well as the famous skorts? Place your bets!