Riccardo Tisci Gives Prominence to Black Women in Their Spring-Summer 2014 Campaign

For your new collection spring-summer 2014 of Givenchy campaign, Riccardo Tisci has decided to have the singer Erykah Badu, Maria Borges, Riley and Asia Chow Thus a group of four women in black which makes the controversy within the fashion world back to put themselves in front of the fire.

Although Erykah Badu is the absolute protagonist of the campaign, which Riccardo Tisci da as well welcome to the family of mark, Erykah is not alone. Accompany you other girls: Maria Borges, Riley and Asia Chow who, coincidentally also are black. And is that the issue of the lack of black women within the fashion industry has always raised blisters and this season in which, some like the model Jourdan Dunn have complained of little prominence of the collective within the parades, more. In the major fashion weeks the number of black models participating in each parade and the publishers of the magazines is measured to the millimeter, he spends much of the same.