Purperry – Christopher Bailey Autumn is Purple

Christopher Bailey does not want to be compared to his former doyen Tom Ford, but it is inevitable. As long as Ford harrows on with fragrance and arcs is Bailey, who took over the baton. In any case, when it comes to making fashion that makes you realize that your poverty must be the punishment for sins in a previous life. Unlike more experimental Colored designers such as Alexander McQueen creates Bailey, like Ford, fashion that fits just as well in your wardrobe as on the catwalk. Without the sake of it feels boring. Or, maybe the price tag is nothing that will make you jump and smile. To then hope to escape to contend with the shadow of Gucci’s miracle man is too optimistic.

Who stands for the past few years most admirable branding makeover is impossible to answer. Hedi Slimane will probably be synonymous with the early twenty hundreds of fashion and Tom Ford go down in history as the man who restored the luxury, but the question is whether the future belongs to Bailey. All three have nevertheless done more for Dior, Gucci and Burberry than anyone dared to hope.

In autumn 2006, is Bailey the baton and he does it with the help of this season’s hottest color: purple. Gray may be the new black, but it’s still gray, and for those who want to stand out in the darkness is no color like purple. For us cautious Swedish men is the color perfectly. Without shouting or require attention, it shows that you are a little braver, a little trend sensitive and much better looking.

It shows Bailey how shatters neighbor and puts icing on the cake-et:

Hat, gloves, v-shaped and purple

Slick, velvet and purple

Sweater, scarf and purple

Stylish looks better with purple

Again the purple extraordinary…. sorry…

Ok, maybe it’s not the purple hat that does it, but it sure looks good?

Finally, Martina Bonnier is ultimately responsible for the courage of the otherwise promising DVman, but to suggest the short trousers are like shooting a Swedish man in the foot. You must be thread thin and have eye on other garments outfit for the short trousers to go home. And when I say “go home” I mean, do not get laughed at.