Penneshaw & Dudley Peninsula – South Coast & Vivonne Bay on Kangaroo Island in South Australia

Penneshaw on the Dudley Peninsula & the South Coast with the famous Vivonne Bay are located on Kangaroo Island in South Australia . The ferry that connects the mainland with KI docks in Penneshaw every day. There are also very pretty beaches along the South Coast and on the coast of the Dudley Peninsula. Vivonne Bay also boasts of being one of the most beautiful bays in Australia.

Things to do & see on the Dudley Peninsula

The Dudley Peninsula with the town of Penneshaw is the easternmost point of Kangaroo Island. The ferry from the mainland docks in the small town, which is why most visitors to Kangaroo Island start their journey here. In the village of almost 300 people there is the Penneshaw Maritime & Folk Museum on Howard Drive, opposite the school. Restaurants and cafes can be found along North Terrace. You can also play golf and tennis at Penneshaw and visit Frenchman’s Rock on Hog Bay Beach . In any case, is Penneshaw Farmers Market, which takes place on selected Sundays on Lloyds Street all year round, is well worth a visit. Art galleries can be found at Baudin Beach and Pelican Lagoon. Also interesting is the Cape Willoughby Lighthouse (Cape Willoughby Road) from 1852, which is located south-east of the village and was the first lighthouse in South Australia. There are also wineries, various viewpoints, fishing spots and boat ramps in the area. Penguins can be spotted and nature campsites can be found at Brown Beach and Antechamber Bay / Chapman River. Quiet beaches exist in abundance on the Dudley Peninsula. These include Hog Bay Beach in Penneshaw, Antechamber Bay, Chapman River, Baudin Beach, Browns Beach, and Island Beach. If you want to stretch your legs, you can do so on the 4 km long Ironstone Hill Hike in Baudin Conservation Park (4 km) or simply go the Penneshaw Historic Walk.

Things to do & see on the South Coast

As the name suggests, the South Coast is located in the south of Kangaroo Island. There is no bigger town here, but there are a few restaurants, cafés and an art gallery 8km outside of Vivonne Bay . Vivonne Bay is known as one of the most beautiful bays in Australia. The South Coast is a bit rougher than the north and has many cliffs. Swimming is safe and easy at Bales Beach and the pier at Vivonne Bay. There are also BBQs and a golf course at Vivonne Bay. But D’Estree Bay and Flour Cask Bay with their numerous salt lakes and high dunes are also worth a detour. Other highlights are the Little Sahara with white sand dunes that Murray Lagoon and Seal Bay with the Seal Bay Conservation Park . You can camp in Vivonne Bay, Murray Lagoon, D’Estree Bay and Seal Bay Conservation Park. For hiking the Murray Lagoon, the Tadpole Cove Walk and the two-day Cape Gantheaume Coastal Trek for experienced hikers are suitable. Since the Cape Gantheaume Coastal Trek is not entirely without it, it is advisable to register with one of the local tourist information offices for safety before starting a tour.

Seal Bay