Naomi Campbell Returns to Paraded for Charity in Fashion for Relief

Already long ago that ebony beauty is committed to the event of the London fashion week, Fashion for Relief, an event for charity in which the fashion world shows us its best solidarity.

This year the institution that will receive funds from the gala will be the White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhodd, an NGO that seeks to create an awareness of a pregnancy and childbirth insurance in developing countries. As one of the causes of female death and babies in these times is still problems in childbirth, or the lack of good nutrition during pregnancy, causing chronic diseases in the newborn and low weight.

Others of the girls who joined the project were Kim Stewart, daughter of Rod Stewart, Elizabeth Jagger, Tyson Beckford and Cheryl Cole the female group Girls Aloud. With regard to the success that was in previous editions the event and the current, Naomi Campbell He said: “I am not asking anything people unless you think that it is very important. Just ask when I think that it is something that excite them. Everyone who was at the event tonight feels the same way… “I was smiling, dancing and everything, but now I want to go and cry”.

I think that in spite of his bad character and his known temper tantrums, Naomi is doing a good job and admittedly is.