Jezebel in The Prizes Barcelona Is Fashion 2009

Last night was held in Barcelona the fourth edition of the Prizes Barcelona is fashion, a few awards granted by the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce (through a large panel of experts) to companies and professionals of the fashion world that contribute with their work to disseminating and identifying Barcelona as a reference in the sector. The Group Rosa Clará, El Delgado Buil, Totón Comella or Andrés Sardá, all of them currently parading in Cibeles, were some of the lucky excited. And it is that all of them stressed when it comes to get on the podium, the special illusion of a recognition driven from “House”.

The great Teresa Helbig, Mimótica Micola and “Button” Mango Fashion Awards, they completed the list of Laureates in a ceremony at the beautiful Llotja de Mar, and the masters of ceremonies were a gorgeous Judit Mascó and a still more sublime if it should be, Oriol Elcacho.

Do you can be more handsome and better wear a tuxedo (velvet, of)? Victorio & Lucchino)?

Here is the detailed list of winners:

  • Award “Barcelona is fashion” the company with dimension and international expansion: Group ROSA CLARA
  • Award “Barcelona is fashion” to the emerging company: EL DELGADO BUIL y MIMÓTICA MICOLA
  • Award “Barcelona is fashion” to the professional: TERESA HELBIG y TOTON COMELLA (TCN).
  • Prize ‘ Barcelona is fashion ‘ to entrepreneurship: “The button” MANGO FASHION AWARDS
  • Award “Barcelona is fashion”, mention of the Committee of Honor: ANDRES SARDA

It is amazing how little they spend the years by Judit Mascó. And if they pass, they do so very timidly and improving, because their thirties and almost everyone, I final it is awesome.

Thus from Super posed for me with a dress coral color of Cortana. One of their favorite firms (in the recent prix de Marie Claire fashion also wore one of his designs).

Your shoes, black and gold, retro aires, were of Antonio Pernas. And although no I caught it with the camera, wearing gold-colored nails. I’m for Christmas.

Things were going of enamels because Anna Figuera, of El Delgado Buil, He wore the Green Chanel painted. Little joke with the manicure, the tone of the nails at the end is one complement to more.

The pattern of this jacket sounds you?

Belongs to her collection autumn-winter 2009 / 2010, Furry Animals, from which I could enjoy in Cibeles.

And it is that both were fully dressed with your own designs.

Ana, Macarena and Macarena, or Ana, are especialisimas. They have a different look that is appreciated among such clonal. You will like or not what they do, and I always say the same thing to see their collections, but they have a point of view completely recognizable. And as designers, that is rewarding.

I am very pleased that you have given them a prize as entrepreneurs (the first, since so far only had recognized them as creators), and I am sure that draw you good match to the funding.

By the way, I want to skin of Macarena skirt now! He took her to close the parade of spring-summer 2010 and I have clichada since.

Although in his collections jewelry shine by their absence, El Delgado Buil are great lovers of striking parts and vintage air. Love at first sight is what we feel fashionisima and I to see the Bracelet Macarena. Until he did not teach it us about not we realized that it was of Minnie Mouse!

Purchased, how it could be otherwise, in Disneyland.

To Raquel Micola, of Mimótica Micola, a firm of accessories with a touch of fun, not had put you face until yesterday. And it is a simpatiquisima “girl” who have qualms about posing with all her friends bags.

And it is to your frou frou bag, made of tulle and wood, which you can buy in your website or in any of their stores, I loved it.

What I also loved was the dress of Teresa Helbig. Of his own, obviously. A preciosisad, also based on white tulle, and belted fur in a loop.

Helbig is one of my favorite creators since the vi in the 080 just over one year ago. It makes a few dresses incredibly craft and soon we will present their fantastic collection of girlfriends.

But, and these boots? Do you sound?

Will it be the originals of Balmain, or clone of Zara? As it is ugly to ask such things, we are left with the doubt…

From here I want to thank team from Interprofit, especially to Ruth, who behaved with me ideally, and the Cabinet of press of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce.

Photo by Oriol: Ferna Nadeu