How to Get to Salou, Spain

The fastest, most popular and cheapest way to get to Salou from Russia is by plane. There are almost 3,700 km between Moscow and the resort, which it seems impractical for tourists to overcome by train or car: the journey will take about three days and require several transfers. According to populationmonster, Salou is one of the largest cities in Spain.


Every day, Aeroflot, Ural Airlines and Vueling operate several direct flights to Barcelona from the Russian capital, the journey time is approximately 4 hours. There is no airport in Salou itself, and the nearest ones are Reus and the capital of Catalonia, through which the main air traffic is organized. If air travel is not to your liking, there are other ways to get to Barcelona.

From Barcelona to Salou

The easiest way is to take the BUS PLANA bus (off. site) right at Barcelona Airport. The parking lot is located at the exit of the new terminal T1, between the 7th and 11th platforms. Travel time is 2 hours, ticket price is 1.90 EUR one way.

The second option is by rail. The Barcelona Airport page tells you how to get to the city center where you can transfer to the high-speed train. Trains of the RENFE company (off. site in English) depart from the stations of Sants, Estacio de Francia and Passeig de Grassia. From there you can drive to the Costa Dorada in 1.5 hours and 10-20 EUR.

By taxi, a trip from Barcelona airport to Salou will take a little over an hour and cost 150 EUR.

From Reus to Salou

The distance between cities is only 10 km. Only charter flights arrive in Reus from Russia, and most often travel companies provide a transfer to the hotel. Travelers planning to get from the airport to Salou on their own can take a bus. The car park is located at the arrivals terminal. Travel time – 30 minutes, ticket costs 10-13 EUR. You can also use taxi services for 40 EUR.

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Salou Hotels

Salou is a popular destination for both package and independent tourism, so the city has a developed network of youth and family hotels, apartments and hostels. A bed in a budget guest house costs 30 EUR per day. For this money, budget travelers will have the opportunity to use a shared shower and attend breakfast.

Accommodation for a couple in a three-star hotel will cost about 35-60 EUR. At the same time, paying online is cheaper, you can save up to 10%. Most hotels in this category have a swimming pool and a gym. The cost of a room in a 4-star hotel is from 55-70 EUR. Renting apartments is also very popular – you can find an apartment within walking distance from the sea. In addition, if you book an apartment, you do not have to live according to the internal rules of the hotel.


Salou is a small resort town that can be explored on foot. Public transport should be used for trips to major tourist centers in Spain.

Buses of the BUS PLANA company serving the Costa Dorada stop at the monument to King Jaime I.

The hop-on hop-off tourist train is a great option for getting around the city. Carriages depart from Europe Square and take tourists to Port Aventura and the remote bay of Cap Salou. There are 14 stops along the way, at each of them you can get off, see the sights and transfer to the next train for free. A daily ticket costs 4 EUR for children under 13 and seniors over 65, for everyone else – 6 EUR.

In addition, Salou has a train station with trains to Barcelona and Valencia. Travel time – about an hour, ticket price – from 10 EUR.


The cars of the taxi companies are painted white, the free cars have a green board on the roof. Within Salou, the cost of the trip does not exceed 10 EUR, and you can get to Tarragona, Reus or La Pineda for 20 EUR.

Bicycles for rent

The most popular rental is Bikeiberia (off. site in English), which delivers bicycles throughout the region directly to the room. The cost of 3-5 days of rental is from 165 EUR. To rent, you will need a passport, you also need to leave a deposit.

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Rent a Car

In Salou, there are representative offices of major international agencies Sixt and Europcar. However, local Ifrent and Olimpia are more popular: the staff speaks Russian, and car prices are lower than those of European giants. The cost of renting a budget sedan is from 50 EUR per day. Since Salou itself can be explored on foot, taking a car is recommended only if you are planning trips to remote places: Barcelona, ​​Montserrat Monastery, Figueres, or even the French resort of Perpignan. It is better to get to Valencia by a toll road: the quality of the coverage is higher, the views are more picturesque.

There is a “blue zone” on the central and coastal streets of Salou. In the intervals from 10:00 to 14:00 and from 17:00 to 22:00 it is allowed to leave the car for a maximum of 4 hours. After you have parked the car, you need to pay for the service at the machine and put the ticket under the windshield. An hour costs 1.25 EUR. Free parking can be found further from the beach.

How to Get to Salou, Spain