Golden Sands, Bulgaria

According to clothingexpress, Golden Sands is a resort town in the concentrate. There is nothing superfluous here – the “green sea” of the natural park is on the left, the blue of the Black Sea is on the right, and between them is a long and wide strip of beaches. The resort is entirely focused on tourists – no industry, hotels immersed in greenery for any budget, a water park, health paths, healing springs and health centers, hot nightlife, clean beaches and a variety of sea attractions. And excellent transport accessibility allows you to use it as a starting point for trips to hospitable Bulgaria.

Golden Sands is suitable for adventurous young people, families with children, and even those who want solitude and silence, the main thing is to understand this resort correctly.

How to get to Golden Sands

The closest airport to Golden Sands is located in Varna. Es Seven, Nordstar and Bulgaria Air operate regular flights here from Moscow. In summer, charters operate on the direct route. A shuttle bus runs directly from the airport to the resort.

For those who prefer to travel by land, there is a Minsk-Varna train, which is launched during the season – all that remains is to get to Minsk. You can also organize a trip by car – the main thing is not to forget to buy vignettes for driving on toll roads in Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria.


Administratively, Golden Sands is part of Varna, therefore the resort is included in the city’s public transport network. Buses No. 9, 109, 409 run from the center of Varna to Peski. The fare depends on the distance, tickets can be bought from the conductor. Moving inside the resort will cost 1-1.60 BGN, leaving the city to Peski or back – 3 BGN. Travel time from end to end is about 40-50 minutes, all stops in Golden Sands are passed by buses in 5-7 minutes. The schedule is designed in such a way that there will be no painful waiting – about every half hour a bus of one of the routes leaves for Varna and back. Departure times and a list of stops can be found at Varna City Transport website.

Golden Sands is a compact resort, if you are too lazy to walk, then a taxi ride inside it will cost 3-6 BGN. The price according to the counter to Varna is 15-20 BGN. Also, along the beach and past the hotels, you can travel on mini-trains on automobile traction. A ticket costs 3 BGN, these trains can be called public transport with a big stretch, an exclusively tourist attraction.

Rent a Car

The resort has offices of two large car rental companies – the international service Sixt and the leading Bulgarian operator Top Rent-A-Car, as well as the local “resort” agency ElitaCar. The companies offer free car delivery to Golden Sands, so if you take care of booking in advance, you don’t have to drive to Varna, where there are many more rental offices.

To move only around the resort, a car is not needed, but it is useful for expeditions along the coast and trips into the depths of Bulgaria. There are frankly few free parking lots in Pesky, there are almost none free, tow trucks work smartly, it is better to choose a hotel in advance that offers guests a place for a car, and outside a secure parking lot, carefully follow the signs.

Paid car parks cost 2-4 BGN per hour or from 5 BGN per day.

Golden Sands Hotels

The resort offers more than 100 hotels of different price and comfort levels. About 50 hotels operate on an all-inclusive basis, many organize transfers, a third promise breakfast, and another third have rooms with a kitchen.

It is important to understand that the first line, in addition to the bonus in the form of a beach, carries the bustle of a crowded resort. Here – the whole party, nightlife, music until the morning, as well as beaches clogged with bodies during the day. Lovers of peace and quiet should pay attention to hotels of the 2nd and 3rd lines. Or settle closer to the outskirts of Golden Sands.

A room in a guest house or a small hotel for 1-2 *, even in high season, can be rented for 20-45 BGN. 50-70 BGN is worth a night in a good “treshka” with a pool and breakfast. Sometimes even on the 1st line, but more often for your own beach, you will have to pay from 100 BGN. Approximately with the same amounts, all-inclusive offers begin. For lovers of comfort for 4 and 5 *, the price range is quite large – there are options for 120 BGN, rooms are rented nearby for 280-350 BGN, and across the street – apartments in boutique hotels for 450-500 BGN.

Communication and Wi-Fi

Russian operators offer roaming packages and tariffs with price tags of 10-30 RUB per minute of a call from Bulgaria to Russia. Calls to the house with a SIM card from the Bulgarian companies Vivacom, Telenor or Mtel will cost 0.20-0.40 BGN per minute. Find out in advance the offers of the home operator – for one, a Bulgarian SIM card will turn out to be an extra fuss, for another it will allow you to seriously save money with an unfavorable own tariff and the need for frequent calls. Coverage, tariffs for tourists and services from local communication providers are almost identical. There are unlimited (but with limited speed) mobile internet packages for 15-20 BGN. You can get a SIM card at the Varna airport or buy it on the spot – in supermarkets or communication stores.

Wi-Fi is available in many cafes, including on the beaches, and in hotels this service is no longer a curiosity. Almost all hotels distribute the Internet for free, but in some the network is limited to the lobby, and in some places there is still wired Internet. We recommend clarifying this point if the dependence on communication with the outside world is high and on vacation.

Treatment in Golden Sands

For treatment and rehabilitation in Golden Sands, natural factors are used: sea climate, solar ultraviolet, sea water rich in salts and microelements, therapeutic mud and various types of medicinal plants. In the balneological center “Ambassador” arthritis, arthrosis, stress, neurosis, chronic pharyngitis and bronchitis are successfully treated. Treatment with bee products is also used.

The beaches of Golden Sands

The beach stretches along the entire length of the resort, in some places reaching 100 m in width. Fine-grained sand, the sea near the coast is shallow, the bottom is clean, but the entrance to the water is not as gentle as in Sunny Beach or Alena, and the waves sometimes cover you with your head. The infrastructure is developed – water activities, cafes, playgrounds, sports grounds, lifeguards work. The sand is cleaned, but the garbage comes across – too many people are resting.

Quieter beaches are closer to the outskirts of the resort, but there are nudists here. Be mentally prepared.

Almost the entire coast is divided between first-line hotels. For their guests, places on the beach are usually already included in the cost of living, outside tourists will have to pay 8-10 BGN for a sun lounger and an umbrella. But you can sunbathe for free on your own towel, for this there are areas marked with sold-out “Free Zone”. Usually they are located behind 5-7 rows of paid sunbeds. In the center of the beach strip – crowded, the most party – day and night. One of the beaches loved by young people is Mojito. The longest and smoothest entrance to the sea is on the closed beach of the Riviera complex, which makes it convenient for families with children.

Shopping and souvenirs

Shopping in Golden Sands is an absolutely thankless task, which is definitely not worth spending time and money on. The resort was built not so long ago, it did not absorb an old village with a unique aboriginal craft, which means that the buyer is waiting for a standard string of resort and souvenir shops, stuffed to the bone with knick-knacks from China and – for a change – handicrafts in the Bulgarian style and execution, but with an inflated price tag. The main difference from the same collapses of Varna is that prices are at least 2-3 times higher.

If we ignore this unpleasant fact, then we put standard Bulgarian into our suitcases: soap, perfumes, oils and other cosmetics based on roses and lavender, nice ceramics in the traditional style, spices and seasonings, for example, sharenu salt for culinary specialists, as well as wonderful Turkish delights for children and brandy for adults. But it is better to centrally buy gifts and souvenirs in Varna.

  • What to bring from Bulgaria

What to try

“Shopska” salad will help to define the hospitality of a cafe with traditional Bulgarian cuisine. If it looks so that one cannot master it for sure, then you can proceed to ordering more serious dishes. From the first, hot lovers are advised to have an incredible soup “shkembe chorba” – from the stomach, paprika, sour milk, olive oil and with an indispensable glass of spices. On hot days, local okroshka is good – “tarator” with fresh cucumbers, garlic, herbs and walnuts. Adepts of meat carefully write out code words in a notebook: “guvech”, “sach”, “kebapcheta”, “kyufte”, “rural shot”. Further according to the plan: say any of them to the waiter, eat to satiety.

For a snack or breakfast, a “banitsa” is good – a kind of pie with cheese or cottage cheese. For sweets, it will be interesting to try the dessert variety of this pastry – “milky banitsa”. Or “garash” – chocolate-nut cake without flour.

Cafes and restaurants in Golden Sands

There are no old mehanas in Golden Sands, instead the resort offers a democratic approach: international cuisine, fusion of Bulgarian and Oriental traditions, Russian food for culinary homebodies, fast foods for every taste and, of course, fish restaurants.

The portions are large, enough for a family with a child. Kebabs and other meats are usually accompanied by a side dish, sometimes even beer is offered as a compliment. A check in a cafe for lunch for two – 20-35 BGN, dinner in a restaurant – from 35-45 BGN, fish delicacies will come out more expensive. As a snack, local pies are good – 3-8 BGN for a heavy pastry. But the fruits on the beach are wildly expensive – for them it is better to go to the market or the supermarket.

Even if the hotel is fully fed, it’s still worth visiting a couple of restaurants – for the sake of classic Bulgarian cuisine and seafood. For unexpected desserts, welcome to the cafe “Vienna” – strudel and Viennese coffee are very good here.

Beer – from 1-2 BGN per mug, local wine – from 5-9 BGN per bottle, cocktails – from 4 BGN. Many establishments have “happy hours” when drinks go according to the “1 + 1” scheme. Some clubs charge money (about 20-50 BGN) just for entry, and drinks and some snacks are already included in this amount.

Entertainment and attractions

Things are so-so with the sights in Golden Sands – the resort is young, it did not have time to acquire unusual features, and there are only a couple of items on the list of heritage – an ancient monastery and nature.

The Aladzha rock monastery is an amazing structure carved into a sheer rock by Christian hermits many centuries ago. The monks lived in the local catacombs for a long thousand years, until the monastery was plundered by the Ottoman Turks. Now there is a museum, open to the public from May to October.

An important asset of the resort is the picturesque forests of the national park that wrapped Golden Sands (off. site). It’s nice that the local authorities did not close the protected areas from tourists, but on the contrary, they laid several hiking trails of varying difficulty, equipping the paths with places for recreation, observation platforms and drinking fountains. There are special trails for children, cyclists, pensioners and the disabled, you can hire a guide.

Some consider its nightlife to be a significant feature of the resort. There are really a lot of clubs and discos, casinos work, beach parties, broken shows for adults only, there is even a small semblance of the Red Light District. If such entertainment is to your liking, then Golden Sands will not let you get bored.

5 things to do in Golden Sands

  1. Walk to the ancient monastery of Aladzha.
  2. Master at least one route of health paths through the natural park.
  3. Try your luck at Casino International – the largest in Bulgaria.
  4. Learn to surf or paddle board.
  5. Take a funny photo of tourists taking pictures against the backdrop of the local Eiffel Tower.

Golden Sands for children

The main source of fun for children (and adults) in Golden Sands is the Aquapolis water park, located in the northwestern part of the resort complex (off. site). They say that this is one of the most beautiful water parks in Eastern Europe. Extreme slides, swimming pools, attractions, umbrellas and sunbeds, children’s playgrounds, a “lazy river”, a bar and a restaurant by the water, a special climbing wall, greenery around – a great place for a whole day of relaxation with the whole family.

Of course, one water park will not be enough for a vacation – you will have to go to Varna for other entertainment. For example, visit the local dolphinarium “Festa”, and at the same time look into the neighboring zoo – both work on the territory of the Seaside Park. Here in the “Children’s Corner” there are small attractions for younger children (off. site). To the north of Golden Sands, in Albena, another water park awaits guests – Aquamania (off. site).

Golden Sands, Bulgaria