Fashion Trends 2015: the Promoted and Rejected

We arrive at the end of this long year and it’s time to do some ‘of the situation on what was our 2015. Whether it’s professional life, from the private or sentimental, for all of us it is time to budgets and, before preparing a list of good intentions, it is right to think a bit ‘on how it was this year that is about to conclude.

we have spent months and months to discuss the hottest trends, to criticize the looks of celebrities and fashion bloggers, to examine the must-have clothing and accessories not to be missed and it seems only right then do a little recap of those who were the “in” and “Out” in fashion this year.

During 2015 we have seen a constant coming and going of trends: some made ​​us fall in love at first sight, others are more questionable, have haunted the fashionistas of half the world and still have become major fashion protagonists.

Reviewing all one by one trends that have depopulated this year would be impossible, but at least we try to examine the most appreciated and most criticized! Here are the In & Out of fashion this year!


I pantaloni panties

When we saw them for the first time on him in it girl and fashion influencers during the various fashion weeks we swore to ourselves that we would never succumbed to a trend so ridiculous and yet it was enough just to make us think again! The culotte pants were the great revelation of this 2015. They are comfortable, versatile and super chic and fun are many models and affordable: there are enough of these four reasons to love them and to include them in the list of “in”?

The skirts with the buttons

We started to wear them in the spring, we took them with us on vacation and we sported all summer, then came the fall and we continued to choose them in our outfits and even now, in the coldest days, with the wear heavy tights and wool sweaters: the skirts with buttons were just a beautiful discovery and months that accompany us from morning to night! I’m one of those leaders who do not know the season and they put all agree and those who generally prefers maxi or midi length skirts, and those who never wants to give up skirts. They are promoted with flying colors!

Le ballerine lace-up

The dancers lace-up, those pointy that are tied to the ankle, were a real cult piece of 2015. We saw them almost anywhere and this summer it seemed that he could not wear another. ThoseAquazzurra have depopulated between fashion victim, but when they appeared the first models also in the collections of fashion brands low cost, even we ordinary mortals are unable to accaparrarcene least a couple! Are super feminine and are a viable alternative to traditional dancers: definitely IN!

Le slingback di Chanel

After having admired on the catwalk of the French fashion house and spot at the foot of the most influential fashion editor, the Chanel slingback have become a real object of desire. They have returned to the rescue this fall and have won us over for their elegance. Finest are undoubtedly the shoes of this 2015!

The shirts with bow

By uni sober models combined with the most extravagant with original prints and multicolor details: the shirts with a bow are a must for this autumn-winter and the ideal leader to add a touch of femininity to any look. Bring both with skirts with trousers, I am one of those irresistible trend! In!


The slippers Gucci

Among the pieces that this year, inexplicably, have haunted the fashion addicted all over the world there are fur slippers Gucci. I have not yet figured out what strange reason these horrendous slippers with lining and finish kangaroo have become a must have item to have at all costs. They have a crazy price (795 €) and you have to have courage to wear them: definitely OUT!

The Birkenstock

While we’re on the topic of slippers, we devote a few words to the Birkenstock. They will also be the most comfortable shoes in the world, but we all agree in saying that they are objectively bad? First they were seen only in summer, at the beach, but in recent times have even become the protagonists of street style. Serving fashion bloggers and celebrities that even wearing them during parades and events, they have launched a new fashion. And what about when we see them worn with white socks exposed, certainly are not a pretty sight! Absolutely OUT!

The sleeves flared

After witnessing the return of flared jeans, here is a controversial new trend that has taken hold in recent months, flared sleeves: the sleeves of dresses, shirts and blouses become wide and long, so as to cover almost totally hands. Do not tell me that is a refined trend: for me it’s just an uncomfortable trend and the ridiculous, OUT!

The Heads of Moschino inspired to detergents

The oddities of Jeremy Scott , the creative director of Moschino, we now all accustomed, but with the limited edition dedicated to detergents has just passed! After garments and accessories inspired by the fast food world or what Barbie thought we had seen it all and instead we were wrong. The capsule collection dedicated to cleaning household products has proliferated among the icons of style and I still wonder why! Really bad taste: Out!

The fur charm

If you try to take a look at street style photos taken over the past 12 months, you will notice that there is a fashion blogger who has not succumbed to the trend fur charm. What are? Small colorful accessories to attach to bags: they exaggerated prices (some models exceed € 500) and are made ​​using precious furs. We could certainly do without: Out!