Breaking a Lance in Favor of Camouflage Pattern

It another day, my colleague Natxo named to camouflage stamping the antitendencia of the season and as I refuse to that to happen, Here’s the protest today’s post that could well be titled”By a well-understood camouflage print”. I say yes to camouflage.

In fact, I was that wrote the post in which we see the large number of designers who have opted for this trend this season autumn/winter 2013 being my Whistles that better captures the essence of camouflage.

If you put the horrors that Rihanna has dared to take in recent weeks, I understand that you see camouflage as an antitendencia, and it is that that is the problem of this type of prints, that is a very fine line between the tacky and the appropriate, Although Rihanna is spending four villages.

There are some looks that can be a bit dull and adding the touch of camouflage pattern change completely. This may be the case with the two outfits for the photos: a simple white jersey and shorts by leather or white skinny jeans and jersey in tone pie that seem less tedious thanks to the print.

For the parts below you can choose for skirts or pants. The trick is to combine them with garments that removed the weight to camouflage stamping. The dark blue or black are a good idea.

And Yes, even at the foot camouflage pattern may be. For sample, this combination of military pants denim jacket and Zara sandals.