Blanca Suarez, The Latest Victim of Photoshop (Thanks to Women’Secret)

A Gigi Hadid without moles, a questionable picture of Victoria Beckham or a blatant retouching of Inma Cuesta on the Sunday of the newspaper are some of the recent cases of the excessive use of Photoshop. The dreaded retouching tool designed to make the most beautiful pictures seems to be doomed to idealize us a reality that does not exist, seasoned with a few bodies of women who are all less real, as of Blanca Suarez in the campaign of Women’secret, which to compare it with the promotional video shows abuse of Photoshop.

The Madrid-born actress is the image of the new campaign of swimsuits and bikinis for Women’secret, and although the first photographs of the shooting which shows a curvilinear and too thin Blanca Suarez was made public a week ago, has not been up to the presentation of the shortfilm Boat movie filmed by the brand for the occasion, when the digital retouching is manifested.

On the picture of the campaign not only Blanca Suarez hips have decreased, also you have profiled and coupled the breasts and limbs have thinned out judging by the plane that you can see the actress in the minute 1:50 in the video promotional.

13 Apr, 2016 (s) 3:32 PDT

Blanca Suarez has not exposed its opinion so far although Yes it has shared any pictures in your Instagram account which can also be seen, albeit in a less striking manner, the retouching showing photographs of the campaign of Women’secret.