Bakersfield, Vermont Population, Schools and Places of Interest

Bakersfield, Vermont is situated in the heart of New England and is bordered by several charming towns and cities. To the north, visitors can find the town of Stowe, which is known for its picturesque landscapes and outdoor recreational activities such as skiing and snowshoeing.

To the east lies Waterbury, another small town that offers a variety of attractions including a historic downtown area with numerous restaurants, shops and a movie theater. Just south of Bakersfield lies Montpelier, Vermont’s state capital. This city is home to several museums, galleries and other cultural attractions that are sure to delight any visitor.

Heading west from Bakersfield brings travelers to Burlington, one of the most vibrant cities in all of New England. Here visitors can find a wealth of shopping options ranging from quaint boutiques to large department stores as well as numerous restaurants serving up delicious local cuisine.

Finally, heading south from Bakersfield brings visitors to Brattleboro where they can explore the city’s many historic sites such as its covered bridge or take a stroll through its downtown area full of unique stores and restaurants. No matter which direction you choose to explore around Bakersfield there are always interesting sights to see!

Population of Bakersfield, Vermont

Bakersfield, Vermont is a small town located in the heart of New England. According to the most recent census, the population of Bakersfield is approximately 1,500 people. The majority of the population are native to the area and many have lived in Bakersfield for generations.

The demographic breakdown of Bakersfield’s population is diverse with a mix of different races and ethnicities represented. The largest group within the town is White Americans, followed by African Americans, Hispanic or Latino residents then Asian Americans.

The median age in Bakersfield is 41 years old and there are slightly more women than men living in the town. Most of the residents over 25 have at least some form of higher education and many have obtained college degrees from local universities or technical schools.

The median household income for Bakersfield is slightly below the national average and most households earn between $30,000 – $50,000 annually. The unemployment rate in Bakersfield is also slightly higher than other parts of Vermont but there are still plenty of job opportunities available within the town due to its proximity to larger cities such as Burlington and Montpelier.

Overall, Bakersfield has a strong sense of community and its residents take pride in their small-town roots while also enjoying all that modern life has to offer!

Schools and Education in Bakersfield, Vermont

Bakersfield, Vermont is home to two public schools, Bakersfield Elementary School and Bakersfield High School. Both schools serve the local community and strive to provide students with a quality education. Check toppharmacyschools for top psychology schools in Vermont.

Bakersfield Elementary School is a pre-kindergarten through fifth grade school located downtown. The school has an enrollment of approximately 450 students and offers a variety of educational programs including special education, ESL classes and advanced learning opportunities.

At Bakersfield High School, students in grades six through twelve are able to take advantage of a wide range of courses in the areas of English, math, science, social studies, art and physical education. The school also offers electives such as music and drama as well as college preparatory classes for those looking to further their studies after graduation.

In addition to the public schools, there are several private schools in the area that offer alternative educational opportunities for students. These include religious or faith-based schools such as St. Mary’s Catholic School or Montpelier Christian Academy as well as other independent schools like Mountain Valley Academy or Brattleboro Academy.

The town also has several colleges nearby including Vermont Technical College, University of Vermont and Lyndon State College which offer both undergraduate and graduate degree programs for those interested in higher education.

Overall, there are plenty of educational opportunities available for residents of Bakersfield no matter what their interests may be!

Bakersfield, Vermont

Places of Interest in Bakersfield, Vermont

Bakersfield, Vermont is a small town nestled in the beauty of the Green Mountains. It is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts, offering activities for all ages and abilities. Visitors can explore stunning landscape features such as rolling hills, lush forests, and sparkling lakes. The town also has several outdoor recreation areas including hiking trails, mountain biking trails, and cross-country skiing trails. There are also plenty of fishing spots to enjoy with family or friends. For those looking for something a bit more urban, Bakersfield is home to many shops and restaurants that make it an ideal place to explore during a visit. The town also has an active arts community with galleries and performing arts venues that showcase local talent. No matter what your interests are, there’s something for everyone in Bakersfield!

Visitors can take advantage of the various attractions in Bakersfield such as the historic downtown district which features many historic buildings such as the Old Town Hall and the old Post Office building. Here you can learn about the history of this quaint little town while strolling around its cobblestone streets and admiring its old-world charm. You can also visit one of the many museums in Bakersfield such as the Vermont History Museum or the Norman Rockwell Museum which both provide interesting insights into this area’s past. Additionally, visitors can take part in unique cultural experiences like attending one of Bakersfield’s monthly farmers’ markets or enjoying some live entertainment at one of its many music venues.