All Invited to The Second Edition of The Mango Fashion Awards

The Spanish company, Mango still trying to grow and it has recently entered into the Second Edition of its awards appointed under a denomination Anglo-Saxon because if one wants to be someone in the world of fashion right now, you have to be in English. This gala was attended by several of our personalities more prominent and known to bring a touch of glamour and relevance to the event note.

Among the guests who stood out most was Mónica Cruz, who has a closer with the company link since it is one of the images of their new collections, as well as its hermanisima Penelope Cruz; They even designed his own t-shirt. The actress was very pretty in a mini black dress with a tiny clutch of the same colour, combination that decided to break with the election of red lipstick passion to break the range of dark.

The other name of the night was Nati Abascal, who reappeared after some health problems that took it away from public events for a while. It is one of the untouchables in Spanish fashion, but the style chosen for these awards was everything less commendable, more typical of a few decades ago, a look too Aristocrat and the choice of skin. For me nothing suitable with conditions.

Among the other attendees, we saw a pretty woman Ariadne Artiles with a deep-blue dress very short and sensual.

The Spanish actress, Leticia Dolera who chose for the gala black and frills.

The girlfriend of Matthew McConaughey, Camila Alves as usual, radiant in a steamy short dress with some peep toes you black.

And they also not missed the appointment the daughter of Melanie Griffith, identical to his mother, and Don Jonson, Dakota Johson.