20 Tips to Improve Photos of Your Looks

With the rise of the vanity of men and the digital media making it easy to capture images of everyday life, many men devote themselves to register the way they dress, some with the goal to publish on some social network, often in search of the tanned, the other as a way of tracking the evolution of your personal style. But not everything are flowers, a photo badly taken you can generate frustration and let you capture important details of your clothing, see below for 20 tips of how to improve the photos of your looks daily:

20 Tips to Improve Photos of Your Looks

1 – Attention to the drape of the clothes

Problem: you have clothes similar to those that appear in the photos the coolest of the internet, but their looks do not have the same result.

Solution: see if the trim is correct, check out the length of the sleeves and the bars, see if there is extra or missing tissue in the region of the belly and of the thorax.

2 – Choice of quality fabrics

Problem: the parts seem appropriate, but on photos come out bland and/or appearance cheap.

Solution: materials without service can leave the clothes opaque and poorly structured, choose fabrics with fibers more noble and natural such as linen and wool, cold, be careful of polyester and other synthetic fibers.

3 – Put on footwear

Problem: the visual in the photos should always be luxurious and sophisticated, even in the looks casual, but this is not the case.

Solution: invest in shoes serious and imposing, place an oxford or dress boot amazing and give a time for that sapatênis threadbare. Incidentally, how many cool photos you see there in that the subject is of sapatênis? Very few, isn’t it? Since then, a shoe full of style can save a look!

4 – do Not dispense accessories

Problem: even with a look as well assembled and quality parts, you feel that sinneth in the details.

Solution: a beautiful wrist watch can give you a turbo-charged in your combo, a suspender or a neckerchief/scarf can completely change your look and the way people look at you, the details reveal a lot about what you know about fashion and style, enrich and give personality to the combination.

5 – Respect your body

Problem: it seems that the outfit is not suitable to your body, even no left over or missing, the feeling is that it is not valued.

Solution: do not try to wear clothes that don’t value your physical type, if you are fat do not try to copy the style of that skinny guy, if it is chubby to avoid horizontal stripes. Learn to appreciate your body and learn which clothes needed for this.

6 – Has a little bit of daring

Problem: my looks always seem to be more of the same.

Solution: it is time to think outside the box, to mix, to try, it has a lot of new and impressive that it can do with even the simplest pieces, don’t be afraid to try! Insert new elements in their creations, to give space for new prints, color combinations and unusual materials and pieces that escape the common place such as vests, suspenders, hats and jackets.

7 – Choose a nice scenario

Problem: despite your effort, and the combinations are amazing that is – often-praised by all – the photos don’t have that amazing look that we can see there.

Solution: stop taking pictures in your room, with one wardrobe and the old in the background, or in your backyard next to the coiled hose on the wheel of the car stuck the wall peeled, look for a beautiful scenery, even a little blurry, will add value to your photo. A wall with a graffiti cool, an old house, a park or the awe-inspiring monument may be a good one.

8 – Use a good camera

Problem: the photos have noise (dots), are not as sharp or has a bad lighting.

Solution: try to use a good camera, does not need to be a DSLR of thousands of real with a lens as expensive as, but at least stop using his cellphone, or that you have to pick up a camera borrowed from time to time, because even the smartphone models more current has some difficulties to register photos in certain environments.

9 – Learn about photography

Problem: the photos of others always seem more creative and well framed.

Solution: learn a little more about photography, search websites, ask a friend who has studied the subject, or buy a book that talk about, I guarantee that your records will change a lot!

10 – Has original ideas

Problem: when you think that your pictures are perfect, appears someone with something totally new causing you to feel overwhelmed.

Solution: not happy with the rice and beans, pay attention to the scenario, see if there is something that you can use in your favor, create a series of photos themed, look for unusual angles or explore unknown places, do not be content on taking the same photos every day.

11 – Beware the hype

Problem: your photos, start more laughter than applause.

Solution: beware of excesses, see if the color combinations are not very aggressive or destoantes, ask a friend’s opinion(the) of confidence, think well before you register for any look, giving a good, hard look in the mirror, do not invent positions estrambólicas, anyway, be careful!

12 – don’t stay if charging too much and relax

Problem: you go out hard in the photos, since it gets tense every time I turn on the camera, stops to use a lot of thing like with fear of making a mistake.

Solution: ask the opinion of another person can help you, but you should not get upset with criticism, in addition think about pleasing themselves and not the other, is not seen by likes or shares, it is not a copy of the fashionistas of the internet, get inspired by the creativity and quality of them, but remember that you can be that you are in another country with a different climate and customs, can be out of context. Don’t try to be good as the other, try to be good as only you can be!

13 – Know that it is all make-believe

Problem: the guys of the photos carry items that you don’t have where to use.

Solution: live your reality, bid the hand that you use in the day-to-day without creating a fictitious scenario. Most of the “it boys” (” terminho!) he lives a lie and is not going anywhere, they dress up in a nice outfit, grab a bag ultra sophisticated and a watch expensive just to take pictures, then save everything and go back to your everyday ordinary, sitting in the room, wearing crocs, retouching images in Photoshop – in fact, this brings us to the next topic…

14 – Photoshop is not the solution for everything

Problem: you learned to use Photoshop and now your photos look like a movie from Tim Burton!

Solution: use Photoshop only to correct minor problems in the photo as a blurry, delete a passer-by who came to the fund or to slow down a shadow that was too dark, hiding details of the garment, but not in paranoia to retouch your face, increase violently the saturation of the colors, thicken your arms or shrink your belly, because in 99.9% of cases the result is a disaster that you don’t notice now, but with time will fall into the real and repent.

15 – Avoid selfies

Problem: only able to take photos of the reflection in the mirror or with the front camera of the smartphone, your photos come out distorted and the result comes out very amateur.

Solution: the selfie might look cute a few years ago, but if you think amazing photos of Adam Gallagher (image above), for example, will not be with a self-portrait done with the mobile phone you will get there. If you do not have those who take your photo, you can appeal to a tripod with the self timer of the camera adjusted to capture a sequence of clicks, so if you take to do a pose cool or blink, will get some photos up.

16 – Attention to the body language

Problem: you have difficulty finding a pose that you like and it is not uncommon to go out much retracted, or shaking their arms.

Solution: there is life beyond the typical photos where the guy comes out with the hand in the nape of the neck (position “catching a louse”) or with the hand in the pocket (position “picking up a swapped”) or both (position “wheres my phone”), you can explore gentle movements, stir in the stock, button the blazer, fit the tie or simply relax and lean back on a tree, or try to go out of the ordinary without being flashy.

17 – don’t be afraid to repeat clothes

Problem: you do not want to repeat pieces that are already used in different outfits earlier, but this forces you to combine clothes that are not up to snuff.

Solution: you are participating in a contest where the winner is the one who does not repeat the repertoire? Not? so do not worry on to use the same jacket two weeks in a row or the same shirt in a short space of time. Best to use your best parts than to force something that you already had thought of donating, because it conflicts with your current style.

18 – Not encane with the frequency and do not make obligation, to do for pleasure

Problem: you put in the head that you have to register all the looks of its life, but not every day the visual is 100%.

Solution: let’s be realistic, not all day parts are available as you wanted to be, the pair of pants that looks great with that blazer is in the laundry, the shirt that emphasizes your physical need of a repair, or simply you are not in order to take photos, oras! Shoot when you feel the desire, the result will be much better, since the photographed he shall not go out with the guy tied up.

19 – ask, read, observe!

Problem: his looks seem outdated, and the repetition is you leaving without options.

Solution: read more about style male, see the postings and pay attention in new ways to use classic clothes. Many times you don’t need to buy a wardrobe new, just need to revise their concepts and learn new tricks!

20 – Learn from your mistakes and evolve

Problem: you think you have something wrong with their looks, but don’t know what.

Solution: review your old photos, perhaps you are forgetting some thing, or repeating formulas worn. Be critical and realistic, do not leave to notice what went wrong, or admire their successes, this will reflect in looks in the future.

Additional tips:

  • Photos with the sun coming up behind the need of a flash so that you do not exit completely darkened;
  • Flash too close it can leave you stoned, ruining the leftovers tenuous that give volume to your face and your clothes;
  • Places that are very busy can harm your photos, it is difficult to do something like that with a lot of people passing in front of the camera;
  • Indoors are usually the worst because the lighting, or is insufficient, or too artificial;
  • Shortly after sunrise and just before sunset you get the best light of the day, it’s no wonder that these times are called “the golden hour”;
  • Photos at mid-day they create an effect known as the eye of the panda because of the shadow of the sun on your face. If there is no other way, try to throw a flash of light to compensate, but the best thing is to avoid the hours between 11am and 15h;
  • Plan before you choose the clothes and the location of the photo, color contrasting can be amazing, since white clothing with a wall beige can be insossa;
  • If you don’t have any incredible scenery try to blur out the background, often the result is unbelievably good;
  • Remember that details are very small, such as prints liberty, for example, most of the time are not noticed, then do not mount a look based on this detail, as well as a white shirt with black stripes that are very close may appear grey in the photo. Beware of the optical illusion and the way it changes the perception of the combination of clothes.

The opinion of the author:

Register your looks is a good way to see the evolution of your style, and even of self-knowledge, many times what we dress reflects our mood, our tastes and our convictions, even moments of our life, giving us a wider view of the influence of fashion in the day-to-day and feeding our self-esteem. I see nothing wrong in this type of modern custom, since you don’t become obsessed or extremely preoccupied with the opinions of others.



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