Which Photo Backpack Buy

Choosing a backpack photography is almost as important as that of the camera itself, in that it is responsible for a correct transport and protection of our equipment and accessories. Actually the perfect bag ever there is, since va compared to many factors such as the type of use, the quantity and type of material that you have to carry etc. While some photographers prefer to shoot with just a backpack, others prefer to have more than one or use trolley etc.

Which Photo Backpack Buy

Whether you go in your store, whether you decide to buy online, you must choose carefully and look for the most suitable product.

There are many makes and backpacks describe by Digopaul, so, especially if you are not experienced or professional, it is good to take advice from experts or read up on the appropriate forum available on the network, prior to purchasing.

My choice

I have a backpack Think Tank StreetWalker. It’s small, lightweight, compact and comfortable. There is a camera with a lens like the 24-105, plus the ability to put the 70-200 2.8, the 50 mm 1.4, the fisheye and standing close also a flash and little else. Also various pockets for memories etc.
The Think Tank is definitely a good brand that I recommend. There are also larger backpacks, I’m fine with that because it’s small and is ideal for moving on the road, and across all Internet reportage.

How to choose

Here I propose some criteria for choosing the best backpack or bag for your camera.

  • Comfort
    A backpack must first becomfortable to wear, whether it deals with a simple walk, whether you are going to a session of trekking or a challenging journey.
  • Quality
    If you want long-lasting backpack, better avoid going to savings, since they often lose out is the quality and therefore the equipment itself. Before you buy, it’s good to evaluate details, finishing touches and especially hinges and closing: in this regard, please note that the plastic is generally less durable than metal. The resistant and waterproof fabrics are ideal for outdoor photo sessions and for travel to countries particularly variable weather conditions.
  • Functionality
    A good backpack is easy and intuitive to use, with the right number of pockets and compartments.
  • Lightness
    Especially for those who are always on the go or while traveling, you should choose a backpack light and comfortable, without renouncing toa suitable padding and quality material, focusing where possible on fabrics waterproof or at least with possible rain covers.
  • Capacity
    A good camera bag must belarge without giving too much in terms of extra pockets and compartments, which often remain unused: better choose backpacks with the space actually needed, consistent with our photographic materials although obviously additional pockets are very useful for memories, batteries and accessories.

The backpack is the ideal solution for those who have a large photo equipment, or even more than one camera. Of course, log in to your material will not be so straightforward as is the case with shoulder bags and Fanny packs and also view the location out of our sight, one must be careful in crowded places and always make sure that the bag is securely closed to prevent accidental spills or even worse thefts. A backpack too bulky or heavy can compromise comfort, so you must choose carefully depending on what actually needs to carry. Also very useful belted waist, allowing to evenly distribute the weight on your chest.
If you plan to carry with you a laptop take a backpack that has a battery compartment but keep in mind that the weight will be very high if you wear it for many hours, from experience I can tell you it is better a backpack that does not put the laptop unless the latter is not really necessary.

Alternatives to backpack

Baby carriers

The baby carrier is ideal if you have a smaller camera and rests on the shoulders and allows easy access to your gear.

Messenger bags

The Messenger bags are typically fuller of baby carriers and allow you to carry also several accessories like external flashes and goals. Best to focus on bags with good padding and are comfortable to carry. Better avoid the bags are too big, especially if you have to wear for a long time. For those who need a lot of space, the backpack is certainly more functional.

Any other advice

A way to get immediate feedback that leads us to a good buy is to try the Backpack on his shoulders, a way to see if that particular model there is comfortable to wear, and adjusted where appropriate according to our body and simulating the conditions under which it will be used. I happened to see products on the internet that I thought were great and instead have turned out poorly for both comfort both for the size. Always pay attention to the ability of transport declared and if possible experiment.
Remember also that if you purchase online, unlike traditional shops, you can return the product within 10 days and have the right to cancel for a full refund. It’s a great way to test whether indeed the backpack for you.

If you want to learn how to photograph have a look at the Manual of photography which I recommend.