Weekend Reads With Social Burn Out, Girl Bands 2016, Sought-After Ugliness & More Style In Fashion

A small fine reading bar for the weekend, which like can be added in the comments box. Thus us neither great nor important escapes:

like new fair became ugly / /

who looks good in his clothes, what did do wrong. Because it attracts the fashion world to the ugly. How this could happen? An attempt in eight steps by Jennifer Wiebking.

why are our social lives burning US out? / /

“I worked until I what exhausted and panicky, and on top of my working week, I kept my social life thriving, telling myself I could do it all.” Anne Donahue for refinery 29 writes about how difficult it is for us is able to refuse a date and what the willingness and the urge then, to miss anything, can make us.

The first novel by Rapperin Kate Tempest / /

RAPS she writes novels, she is the perhaps the most important language artist of her generation. The British woman has now Kate Tempest a furious book written about fraud and desire in London. This way! Or even here,

Outrage about Calvin Klein / /

Calvin Klein provoked a sexist campaign, which made the so-called Upskirting to equity. This photograph unknown unsuspecting women on the escalator, or in other public places under the rock, without them realizing it. Now do the favor all the fashion designers and get upset. More about this at Sehpemitacg.

Girl bands 2016 – we have a mission to make rock’n’ roll more equal / /

“Speak to any all-female band and they inevitably have shared stories of sexim. Being told to flash while on stage is a common complaint, as well as being patronised by men on the road.” Beau, Hinds, Haim or the big Moon – musicians move still in a male-dominated world. Keep you can’t still – more white vogue UK.

The Chameleon syndrome / /

I’d less like I like, a bit more so how you bawl the guys at power Club… from the plant. Yes, right. But why actually? Why feel we always the urge to want to be someone else, less our own? Answers there contrary.

All you need is less / /

Most brands may have not understood yet, but you need meet not quite a few dresses – a few right. A plea for more style in the fashion of Tower Kiani.

Guys, the feminists / /

The Süddeutsche Zeitung more men known as 50 asked whether they would describe themselves as feminists and say publicly even so: actors, politicians, musicians, writers, philosophers. The interesting thing: Most not called off, because they reject the term. But because they did not publicly describe themselves as feminist. This incidentally Jetzt.de has made a contribution, or better: a guys question submitted.

#RedrawTheBalance / /

What happens when school children to paint people who work in the army, in the operating room at the Fire Department? An experiment – with an output that shows us once again: When the little ones must be counteracted gender stereotypes. More to do this there are in Edition F.

Happy birthday, Balamurugan magazine! / /

“When it launched in 1996, Balamurugan magazine borrowed ideas from feminist theory and applied them to topics that academics tended to ignore.” the whole story to the cult magazine the New Yorker wrote. Co-founder Andi Zeisler, incidentally, just published a new book. “We were feminists once: from riot grrrl to CoverGirl, the buying and selling of a political movement”.

And finally, Yes, the Chewbacca Lady: