Weekend reads with #Loveislove, the Body of Courts by Audrey Hepburn & the 6-Hour Work Day

A small fine reading bar for the weekend, which like can be added in the comments box. Thus us neither great nor important escapes:

like you’re criminal? / /

we are black drivers, traffic offenders, pot smokers. Again and again we ignore rules. Is it really that bad? Neon White’s.

The current SITUATION of women IN Germany / /

In the last 50 years, the lives of women has changed dramatically. But the repression has remained, it is today only differently structured. An inventory of Silke sands and Kate Davison.

72 new EMOJIS / /

Coming Croissant, an avocado and also a Prince. Working women are not included but still always. Remember refinery.

The world is off the rudder – flower fertilizer purchases / /

, Lange Nora Bossong has ridiculed the escapism of nature lovers. Now, she has planted their balcony for the first time. Immediately ploppen the real questions of life on. Herrlich.


what is behind the phenomenon of neo-tribalism? How does it work and why should we worry about the topic at all? This evening opened the exhibition “how to neo-tribe? “ the fashion designer Anne Sofie Madsen and the artist Esben Kjær in while the Gallery of SOUVENIRby, that answers exactly these questions.

all talk about MENSTRUATION / /

why young women menstruation on the topic make. „ menstruation, masturbation and pubic hair, said Collins after the first storm very casual and very cleared off, „ freak people out. I don’t know why. I forget time and again, as narrow-minded people are “ by Carolin Würfel.

SEXISM, racism, abuse of – criticism of HOLLYWOOD / /

by Chloë Sevigny has spoken now Elijah Wood about his negative experiences in Hollywood. More about has i-D for you.


as climate change DESTROYS our world heritage / /

who has just its United Nations Educational, scientific, and Cultural Organization “World Heritage and tourism in a changing climate „ published report.” The New York writer Amy Davidson has taken him just for us: „ at times, the report reads like a guide to places been that have lost, then found, and, any minute, will be lost again. “ this way.


Pakistani women may be beaten by law. Defend yourself now in the network with significant threats. More at Jetzt.de.

AUDREY Hepburn’s favourites / /

Audrey Hepburn’s son has published a book about the favorite dishes of his mother – a kitchen table biography studded with recipes and memories. An interview with Audrey’s son can be found at the Süddeutsche.

The 6-hour work day / /

, The debate about alternative working time models is increasingly discussed. But while we are still talking about something is changed in Sweden already active: business Insider has investigated how successfully a company in Sweden has introduced the 6-hour workday. Edition F.

Stop you to excuse me / /

Lena Dunham takes, we need much less apologize. „ if I changed my mind, if someone disagreed with me, even if someone else misheard me or made a mistake … I was so, so sorry. „ If you say sorry again, I ’ m going to lovingly murder you, “ Jenni texted during a meeting. „ I ’ m sorry , “ I texted back. “ your post can be found here.

FACEBOOK analyzes us / /

The tool deep text understands everything you write and post – and it makes money. Know how, Jetzt.de.


Quite smooth, stoppelig or more natural? The world of female pubic hair styles is varied. Whether and how there is doctored, has a long history. Remember ze.tt.

Life and love – the throwaway society / /

In a world of thousand possibilities, especially one in all of our relationships suggests itself: the trashing. More about neon.

No headscarves more / /

Discrimination for all – who banned all religious signs from the company, may prohibit headscarves, also. So, the judgment of the European Court of Justice could fail. This is fair – but does not solve a problem. It continues at Zeit.de.

MILF be nothing bad / /

Why, why, why, tell the Berliner Franziska Gaensler on Vice.


#LoveisLove celebrates the marriage for all. Only Germany holding out. Read more at Bento.

The railway and the love / /

Probs on the Deutsche Bahn today not only of there with pleasure. To the 25th birthday of the ICE the railway has created namely something nice with a new commercial. To celebrate of the day, the more conservative group has brought together two things that are also 2016 still hard to match – football and homosexuality.