Victoria Beckham Super to Any Side of The Pond

If a few days ago we saw it in London, has returned to Los Angeles, the city where has offered us its best face; his style of shoe too English past and something “firecracker” has evolved to give as a result a Victoria Beckham worthy of the most effusive praise. The penalty is that like its bad taste, its silhouette has also been declining and is reaching a few ends rather procupantes. Both go from restaurants and it seems that he has not eaten in a month.

Although it is a cover of Allure magazine August issue, It seems that not everything is going so well to Mrs Becks because according to the British newspaper Daily Mail, its line of jeans has returned to be rejected in its puntops of sale, and this time the men’s collection. Shops in which marketed refuse to sell it because they say it has not promoted it in the proper way.

It seems to give the same thing since it has better plans with that satisfy your artistic vein: It has threatened to introduce soon a clothing line at New York fashion week… I if it is inspired by herself, I expect the best but fear gives me.