Victoria Beckham Is Targeting The Casual Look and Will Put Shorts!

We are accustomed to see her always perfect: impeccably combed (although we like the hairstyle more or less), elegantly dressed, almost always, with skirt or dress, unless it is your own pants, and always heels (except on rare occasions: a, and with this, two).

But it seems that the holidays have wreaked havoc on the more demure celebritie and Victoria Beckham has left is seduced by the sweetness of the comfort: has lowered its vertiginous pumps, parked their skintight outfits of vanguard in the locker room, has given party to your hairdresser and her makeup artist (because there are about than bad skin) and has gone to the pool with the children.

Wide and black t-shirt, jeans with seams and hem mini shorts, tote bags, animal print, and flip flops: does not seem it, but is it, and despite not go point blank, it is still Super.