Two Good Proposals for Travel of Two Antagonistic Women

They say there are more than seven million offsets this Easter and between rain, traffic jams and sadness by the suspended processions or joy by the warmth of Levante will return home. How do it with style and comfort?

Two women of different ages and opposite styles give us the key. On the one hand Victoria Beckham who, as Miranda Kerr, becomes super MOM to the carry in twinkling at her daughter with those heels of infarction. I can’t find her explanation.

Forget shoes and we focus on the look, perfect for a trip or the necessary comfort for a holiday. Choose one Tunica without sleeves until the ankles and under pants, striped in contrast having a jodphur-cut, slightly wider at the hip and then it narrows.

Vanessa shows us a perfect garment for trips: occupies little covers you throughout the body, feel well and is nice and cool. To it you feel like to no the monkeys, and this is especially mono for its flowers and add-ins that looks it.

Vanessa again make a mistake that is usual in their looks, and they are too long pants to pull. Do not forget to try them always with and without high heels to make the perfect length.