The Streets of Milan Have Difficult Styles to Imitate

Ciao Milan. All those present to the Milan fashion week say goodbye with the hands and I’ll stick stone to see the outfits that we have been seeing in the Italian city. Why? so why are matchless: too much for my dear body. Although many of them the defend the perfection, many others not only cease to be a source of inspiration, but are they a andante mannequin of trends and enough.

For example: the fashion insiders life as Giovanna Battaglia, Christine Centenera o Natasha Goldenberg they have always walked that style so pecular that has made them succeed and climb to the top. So to them I take the hat ahead them still that the trends of the moment them let blind and leave your style at home.

But when we talk about the bloggers the thing changes:?where is your personality and that style that made them succeed? He is gone at the speed of lightning. And so came with Chiara Ferragni and this tremendous mix composed of shirt pictures grunde tied at waist, backpack schoolgirl and military Cap. Was necessary to make a mix of everything? And Kristina is sometimes passed cone is style wedding and gets many years over.

What do you think of these girls?