Style Navy: Forget the Trends and Bet on the Classics

Inspired by the military uniforms of the navy, style navy is a true classic of menswear, that has as a principle to offer comfort and no sophistication, as all good old workwear.

Style Navy Forget the Trends and Bet on the Classics

As almost everything we wear, the inspiration is practical. In this case, the military. I am speaking of the engineers and the sailors on the deck of a canhoneiro.

His trademark are the clothes blue in natural fabrics full of details utilities. Forget that the history of prints with anchors, boats, and trend the seaside for the summer.

In this post, you will see some of the classics style navy who have beaten the time barrier, winning fans who understand that what worked well in the past, also works today.

To help me, I’m going to use images of the magazine Free & Easy, japanese magazine on men’s fashion. They love to choose some themes, and to define styles to analyze. This is the detail more fun of how Japan sees the american fashion.

Editing NAVY-ism talks about how the navy has influenced the men’s clothing. All with good humor and a dose of fantasy.

Chambray shirt

The fabric of Chambray comes from Cambrai, in France. He has a long history as part of the uniform of the navies of the entire world. Looks like the jeans, but it is different. To summarize, the weave of the fabric is another.

The chambray shirt blue has been used by the navy north american 1901 until the second world war, along with jeans, dark blue. The photo in the upper corner of the page above shows Steve McQueenin the film the Sand Pebbles (Canhoneiro of the Yang-Tse), interpreting an engineer who comes to a gunboat, during the Chinese Revolution in 1926.

The fabric is quite sturdy, and much lighter than the jeans. The blue lost color and changed to a bluish salty after too much sun and washing.

The details are important:

  • The button official of the shirts was blue, the type cat eye.
  • The two pockets of the chest had buttons, and some times the tabs.

The strength and ease of use has made it a versatile piece and enduring in the wardrobe of any man.

Jacket Pea Coat

The Pea Coat! A classic navy. It exists since at least 1869, but no one knows very well where he came from.

The Dutch version is that the “pea” comes from the word “pijjakker”, and the jacket is from the 18th century. The Netherlands was a naval power at the time. The Peacoat is always associated with the sea, then this version is well possible.

The cut of the jacket the classic is well-adjusted, with the skirt more open to allow the sailors to perform the tasks heated, such as up on the ropes, without the constraint of a long coat.

The collectors identify what the season by several factors, among them the type of wool, the buttons, the label, the weight, the pockets, and the factory. Jacket is super versatile for use in the present day.

Shirt CPO

The acronym on the C. P. O. Shirt mean “Chief Petty Officer Shirt”. It is a hybrid of shirt and jacket… something between the shirt cambraia and the heavy coat.

The cut of these shirts, even today, is wider, to accommodate a second layer underneath. I very short… The design is practical and the fabric flannel fleece is super warm. It’s pretty cool to use as overlay, open or closed.


No sailor or sailor is complete without his hat.

I think too these hats navy type blue in the lower left corner of this photo.


The vast majority of the classic watches comes from the world utility. Are the best designs of the watches, with only the complications that are necessary to perform the designated function.

The navy, the divers, and the military in general has some of the coolest. The Submariner from Rolexis to sport divers. Ah, the background of watches the military is usually black, because the hands appear over night.


Super cool to see the shoes and the dates!

The shoe of the official is black, well-polished. The shoes are easy to recognize! Legal as the Sperry current reminiscent of the shoes of the navy of 1940 (the lower white). I liked this guy from the tennis old… through orthopedic, clunky…

This kind of shoes began to be used in the deck because of the good adhesion of the rubber and of the practicality of the fabric, easy to dry. This side of men’s fashion is very cool… Almost everything has a practical explanation.


Among the things vintage collectibles are the consequence, bracelets, id, and flags of the navy. The customizations made by the soldiers and the aspect of robust of the metal parts continues to inspire accessories today!

This is the style navy as I see it! Burned from the Sun, prepared for the elements, customized and rusty. All of the items in this list are classics that are there until today thanks to its practicality and perfect design. The people have chosen, over the years, what worked, and what didn’t work. What was approved, and remains there until today…