Special / / 10 + Questions To Miriam Jacks By Jacks Beauty Department

Our dearest Scalamari Jane has heard of her beauty treatment is persuaded, L’Oreal appointed her to the national makeup artist and her personal advice get the most famous German beauty magazine long ago. Miriam Jacks is Berlin’s most famous hair & makeup artist – and a so nice one at that. At the age of 19 she moved to LA at the Designory school Los Angeles and started her makeup training, 2009, she opened her beauty concept store “JACKS beauty Department” and later her own beauty line around the most beautiful brushes and brushes followed.

We have the native Frankfurt and freshly baked MOM despite family time, dozens of other requests and infinitely many appointments still 10 + beauty questions can elicit, now short and brief is shared with us. Beauty special – Part 7:

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1 what beauty tip has been your Mama gave you with?

Best before standing up apply a red lipstick!

2 do you have a morning beauty routine? If so, what looks like that?

I use every morning the Mawi Love serum 02 and always a rich face cream so my skin throughout the day always fresh looks.

3 your favourite Instagram accounts on which you beauty inspiration every now and then get friends?




4 of the hair tie to the tweezers: your 3 unbeatable everyday helpers?

All basic and down-to-Earth, but true: beauty Q-tips, simple cleansing or facial tissues and Vaseline.

5 of the manicure to the eyelash extensions: which beauty ritual is regularly refreshed?

Definitely the pedicure.

6 what you swear?

On the body lotion of grown Alchemist.

7 so I would look every day:

There were just freshly dyed hair, had a super color and the cut so well liked.

8 be honest now: which beauty tutorial can you recommend and why?

Frankly, I like the first tutorial that I have turned 5 years ago natural look with L ´ L’Oreal Paris on the issue, most. This is so simple and clean and easy explained.

9 pimples, dry places and co: your little beauty problems – and what helps friends mind?

Fortunately, I have a very smooth skin. If however once the one or the other pimple pops up, I can get away always the fastest sulfur paste by Malin & Goetz him with the 10%. My absolute pick tip.

10 beauty comes from the inside: your credo for more assertive?

Stand by your flaws and try it’s goes so well to underline.

11 subject “anti aging”: you look forward?

I try so it goes well, to avoid the direct sun. And even if I go in the Sun, then only with 50 sun protection factor and Sun hat. Also, I don’t smoke and drink alcohol very rarely. I think this is the best prevention against skin aging.

Thank you love. Who should answer this questionnaire next?

Christina Roth from undgretel.