Short Chat With Leyla Piedayesh “Wake Up And Get Moving For A Better Future”

Leyla Piedayesh, founder of “Lala Berlin”, is indispensable from the German fashion scene and also across national borders, known as a sore – the Danes have become the most loyal customers. Their prints, light fabrics and silhouettes that carry us through the summer months and also the butter soft cashmere for sensitive skin of winter, just like the urban chic of the label and the strong personality of the designer make the German fashion industry for over 12 years to some diverse and international.

Last week 17/18 collection was shown the fall/winter Copenhagen fashion week during, where alongside the fashion, especially a statement by designer Leyla took care of material for discussion. The power woman, businesswoman and mother is immigrated to Germany from Iran many years ago and it stopped in the wake of the protests against that of Donald Trump imposed travel ban for citizens of mostly Muslim countries (in all seven States were affected – Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Yemen and Somalia) for their obligation to make a written statement (we also!). Some collection items floated in addition with calls as “revolution” or “change” on the catwalk. Your opinion about, whether fashion should be political, or even should, has already announced Nike you. What has to say Leyla, you read now in short chat.
Your collection shown in Copenhagen is riddled with prompts like “Change” and “Think”. What secular changes are you currently most?

Climate change, population growth and the resources we consume per capita. I wish me, all people on this planet would be more sustainable.

Is also a direct reference to the fashion industry in your statements? Pladierst you also here for a change or even revolution?

My call is nothing. In all sectors of the industry we are flocking to fast without thinking. Because the fashion industry is not excluded. You can also feel the movement and especially the acceleration.

Last among the feminist statements on the T-Shirts of the Dior SS17 were discussed

Hot collection. Change the world with sweater protests – it goes?

, It would be too good if a few sweaters could change the world. First and foremost, it is to represent more the statement and a point of view and to mobilize! The more sweaters are used for this, the better.

Which inspirations are still in your autumn/winter 2017/18 collection?

Was the overarching theme “Persian punk”. Persian elements with influences from the punk of the 80s were mixed. Patent leather meets fine velvet and statement patches on floral prints, we have taken from original Persian carpets.

“I’m an immigrant” – truth, flag show. How did you perceive the reactions to the sign that says last week?

Very positive. Many address me on it, how great they found my action and are proud of. This has touched me and voted positively.

How would you describe the influence of your Iranian roots on your work?

, I moved away from Iran at the age of nine, speak Farsi and got much of the culture from my parents. Nevertheless, realized by my trip to Iran and return after a long time, how much influence has my background on my collections. The colors, the mosaic, the carpets. All this is however very strongly rooted in me.

Make stark, opinion have to be noisy. How can we pull together us in the long term, when it comes to discord, discrimination and injustice on our planet?

The positive at the current location is that it lead all people to get involved again. For the first time, people are motivated again to stand for something and be loud. It says basically: wake up and get moving for a better future.

Policy is digital than ever before. Is its reach today already something of a duty to take advantage of, to take a position and to motivate other people?

Why not its digital platform to use? Any information is available immediately and everywhere. This is also a huge opportunity to reach, that maybe not every day politically inform themselves to stay on the ball. The information, for example through other channels.

Thank you Leyla!