Press Days A/W 2014 – Welcome to Chanel’s Shopping Center

Press days at Chanel – that means: bags of candies, bracelets that look after cans and hide beads, milk bags bags along with Lait de Coco perlenverzieter inscription, very much Emily and even more irony – Chanel shopping center aka the autumn/winter collection for the season 2014 is well thought out down to the smallest detail, a concentrated blast of color and the most perfect answer to fast fashion and mass consumption.

High-quality materials and Chanel’s traditional Tweed pieces meet opulent Pearl Jewelry and the biggest surprise of the fashion week: Chanel sneakers. The result? A perfectly dosed portion irony. Karl Lagerfeld creates probably as single pieces want to create it and to take us there at the same time so wonderfully on the arm. Hach, Chanel.

For the perfect finish the fashion editors, celebrities, and buyers were responsible in Paris for the fashion week by the way. They believed that you could take with you shopping center equal to everything from the Chanel. Kami. Alfons Kaiser described “the fashion editors reveal their lower shoots in the unbridled race to floor mats and dust Muzz itself”, about the spectacle of spitzzungig. And Karl, who would have to properly laughed up their sleeves.

If you Chanel it says, the one or the other head will ever – even if 30 per cent more expensive (instead of cheaper) stands on the shelves (part supermarket installation at the Grand Palais to the fashion show). But yes, it is probably easy. Chanel jewel sparkle all by their own brilliance and every little accessory had to be bagged, during the press days in Hamburg.

Hach, Chanel. Was nice’s. So close. The worst follows immediately: the official store opening. For Christ’s sake.

We have of course a few detail shots for you.

Tomorrow follow of course the Favorites from the new boutique. Hach, even have a Chanel bag. Who of you would have one left?