Pictures Of The Day Our Site: The First Line Of Wedding, The Upcoming Summer Campaign & New By “Boutique”

In all the fashion chains, which are out there so abound, you must come up with already properly what as high fashion giant, to also be the talk of the people. We had da strategy “scandal”, sustainability (no, unfortunately always still not of course, and always a news value), stunning images or news about newly stamped other paths that enter in the future should be. At Topshop putting these days apparently on a news round-up, which should operate equal different target groups: because we have a the latest campaign with the 17 year old Lily Jean Harvey in the British home as “new face” is titled, and applying the spring/summer highlights in airy light manner and Lolita poses. On the other hand are line, the intermediate collection handy, which is somewhere centrally but also a new impetus from the higher quality boutique next to the trend line and classifies the runway collection unique and relies on timelessness. News number three probably remains the most exciting innovation in the home of top shop – and that is likely for all “brides to be” be not entirely uninteresting:

For our site launches very soon his very first bridal Couture and is dedicated to one of the most lucrative and at the same time still quite unterreprasentierteren markets: more affordable bridal gowns, which differ slightly from the norm. White (or cream of course) each, can completely logical, but white and breathtaking is the least reserved. A first image of the “bridal Couture” caused minor itching in your fingers, all the others for acute longing for summer and holiday thirst this week. But see for yourself:

Little “bridal Couture”-sneak peak:

Model Grace Elizabeth as “Greek goddess” in the upcoming bridal couture collection. What will await us in addition: bridesmaid dresses, underwear and even lingerie. We’ll keep you of course to date.

For the spring/summer campaign 2017 is even so on a new face, and that is: Lily Jean Harvey. The 17 year-old model may get most of the top shop customers us unfortunately not quite – but that’s another story. We can certainly still do not discourage us, to take a closer look at the Topshop summer 2017, because is the one thing above all: undecided as we are. A flowing robe with accentuated shoulders, which quite naturally is running on the beach and reminded us that we long ago nothing more for our smarter looking dresses need here. There flower-decorated shirts and denim pieces, also taking in the pretty girly score and in contrast very much vinyl, biker influences and sports elements.

The boutique line opts for classic, without going under. Wrap it up apparently is the motto and that means: everywhere is gathered, stored and processed. Light blue velvet here, warm yellow there – and in between: very much white. Et voilà: