“Multiopticas Made a Demeaning Announcement for Women and Was I Happened to Return It to See What Was The Reaction”, Yolanda Dominguez

The sexualization of advertising just by reflecting ones false stereotypes that you are still repeating itself with the simple intention of selling. Sexist campaigns such as the Multiopticas are just one more example of how the marks end up turning women into a single desired object. Against these there are those who organize protest actions to try to put an end to this image and get other types of advertising, as in the case of the Spanish artist Yolanda Dominguez, with whom we speak in this interview.

Yolanda Dominguez

“Accessible and accessory” has been the latest project by Yolanda Dominguez. The visual artist and activist Madrid has based his work on “projects on social, gender and consumption-related”, as defined by herself. Fashion has been one of the areas that has most exploited through actions that seek to raise awareness about some of the practices in this peculiar world, and that she still does not evolve.

“Fashion victims”, about the tragedy of Rana Plaza in Bangladesh, and “Pose N ° 5”, about the unnatural positions of the models, are some of its projects on fashion giving more to talk about. Also it has carried out other initiatives to protest against abortion or to give visibility to the problems that health cuts bring in Spain.

How do you think that it was possible that a campaign like this was approved by a brand?

At times running it seems very risky to do something like this. All already have a sensitivity to this representation of women in the media, there are great mobilization on the subject. I have been called from the BBC in London to publish it.

“Obviously in the Multiopticas stores the image of women in light did not much grace”

I really fail to understand how this announcement has gone through many hands that have been given the go-ahead, both men and women. I still do not understand what is the purpose of the campaign.

How did the idea of convening an action to protest against the announcement of Multiopticas?

I follow my line of work. It is giving a little to the society that imposes on us and be a bit annoying and incisive in the context in which it happens. In this case, the Lords of Multiopticas have made an announcement rather degrading for women and it occurred to me to give back them their own message in its stores to see what reaction.

Obviously at the point of sale the image of women in light was not very funny.

You mention that it acted to police.

In a shop in Madrid and Seville they called the police. They believed that we were hurting clients with that picture was taken, that well, really that was the goal. They acted like it was expected. When the police came and we explained what we were doing they understood this perfectly and absolutely nothing happened. At the end they are also people who understand what is happening.

“When the police came and we explained what we were doing they understood this perfectly and absolutely nothing happened. In the end, they are also people who understand what is happening”

8 police officers in total?

In Seville appeared 8 policemen, they asked the DNI and when the women said that if it was necessary, that we are three people, why they come 8, they said that since the store they warned them as if were having a murder. They were very disturbed and was attended by all.

They came I to insult.

Guarras, who were called to some of the girls. They were in a provocative pose. They followed my instructions to imitate the advertisement. Girls that when a man is recompose towards it. They said customers: ‘Would you like brand new?’, which is the slogan of the brand. There was no dependents very funny.

Did you receive the support of a dependent of the shops?

Number of dependents who have emerged in the images and the video mailed me. All he wanted was to record that had not treated bad girls. Tried to remove, it gave them shame the image that it was giving the brand. The action is not against them, they are not to blame for the announcement of the brand.

How was the response of the public?

The reaction of the people, how quickly turned surprised me much. It had only been a few hours and already had 50,000 likes on Facebook, shared 30,000 and that certainly indicates that there are many people who think like me and is fed up. Both men and women. I have received many messages from men who are fed up with this type of advertising.

“The girls said customers: ‘Would you like brand new?’, which is the slogan of the brand.” There was no dependents very funny”

The disenchantment goes beyond Multiopticas, is with all brands that are using the image of the woman. The response of the people goes beyond, General.

Do you think the reaction of the mark when he said in his official statement: “the spot you want to recreate that moment in a free manner in which worldwide to your note around that you’ve changed something and makes you notice”?

In the statement the brand tries to explain something that didn’t make any sense. Your answer is absurd. They wanted to recreate what it means to release something in a brothel and only are girls that cause.

They have not withdrawn it, follows its channel, follows in its stores and although they say that they have done has not.

“Instilled women be desired and educate men to consume that sexual object”

Has the action spread to other cities?

They are writing me many women from different provinces to carry out these actions in their cities. The wisest for Multiopticas would be to withdraw the campaign, I do not think it will benefit at all.

“They are writing me many women from different provinces to carry out these actions in their cities”

They have not yet done more actions in different cities although there are two provinces in particular that they are organizing.

Do you think that advertisers are proposing this type of image of women? Does anything you sell more?

Yes, or they are afraid of change. It is a snake biting tail. We have fed this kind of images and I don’t know if it is to be created that we ask for it. With so many public demonstrations of people that we are not identified, I do not understand for who make these campaigns. I hope to soon change.

And the men supposedly has us to like this image of women?

Increasingly the men who say that ‘ I do not feel an alpha male, is that I’m not going around the world wanting me to pull all the aunts that I see to my around, I am also sensitive ‘.

“”Some of the dependents of Multiopticas girls called them guarras, which were,”Yolanda Dominguez”

Why advertising does not transmit the same image sexualized so often in men?

Both men and women are a product of what we have inculcated because there is an industry behind that make money with this. It has instilled women always be desired, because the beauty industry wins a lot of money because we feel bad and so buy their products. And they have educated men to consume that sexual object. In the end, as we already have those two roles: they consume and we are the consumed, the industry continues to feed this system. Change it is hard, looking for loyalty to consumers that they exist.

You are usual in criticism of the fashion world, this continues in its own reality from another century?

The fashion industry is one of the less creative I’ve seen in recent years. It is to innovate a lot. Just see what is pulling brands when it comes to convey good values like ecology or social inequalities. And in the fashion world keep getting appearance as conditions zero ethics in the producing countries, the issue of the image of women in the fashion editorials… With all that is falling I can’t understand to not change.

Has there been any improvement in the past years?

“It is mixing sexuality and violence against women in images”

In recent years there has been no change. Increasingly worse, is more explicit. It is mixing sexuality and violence against women in the pictures. There are women who look like battered, raped or pulled along the ground in an aggressive way that seems to me tremendous. This is reaching more and more girls that are sexualized. You just have to see the latest Miu Miu campaign.

How does a campaign so negative to a brand?

They have to start to realize the change. Does exist the myth of advertising, although it is negative better to talk mark that does not speak, but I don’t believe in this. It is something that is changing. Perhaps in the past were worth but now no longer. Consumers are not stupid. We have to be aware of that can change many things with our decision to purchase.