Katie Holmes Wants to Revive The Look of Farrah Fawcett

Katie Holmes It seems to want to revive the style that made famous Farrah Fawcett Charlie Angeles. Basically by the hair, because if you look well on the picture above is really the only thing that Katie has taken the look of the blonde.

Moreover, their dress is a hybrid that reminds me of Flashdance, what that this tape marked much fashion as reminded us the other day, Chloe. The very wide knitted sweater and black shirt style cycling Jersey. Until the stockings with high sandals.

What makes me more noise than all the clothing are baggy pants bare in all possible eighties tonic. That Yes, I love Sandals skin of snake with stones applications and also the makeup in earthy ochre. Not be to you, but this style that brings the Holmes may be a good bet for the fall, for it was a choice for your television debut.

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