For ‘Fools’ Day Lo Better Is Combining Jeans with Heels

There are days in which the alarm clock sounds and before opening the eyes you know it will be difficult to choose an outfit for out on the street. Neurons are too asleep, you’re tired as usual or simply do not know where you left the inspiration. There may be many reasons but as I always say, for those days I turn to the fashion blogs. And from there we get a combination that is very always but it works: jeans + heel.

Broken, worn, wide or skinny. No matter what kind of cowboy is concerned, but the tissue has long roll and the combination is as easy (they are closet funds that create a great look).

And if what you want is lengthen the missing summer, We can do it with a total look blank. And it is that there are more which are targeted to a total look in this colour as intended to be installed the 365 days of the year.

You going to serve in? divine inspiration?