Fair Friday We May Introduce? Ignore. An Interview with Founder Kyle

A day, where I discovered the label ignore, I have given away a part of my heart: that not too often happened to me in the world of sustainable fashion, but this time it had fully hit me. I like the logo, I like the formatting of the site, and I love the looks of this Dutch brands. It seems as if ignore was made just for me with his minimalist and clean approach.

The soft colors and timeless cuts – quite straightforward – select are what I was looking for

Not for nothing I have already the vegan leather Pant and two shirts in my closet disappear. An outstanding quality, affordable products and on top of that even a Founderin, namely Kyle, who is extremely nice and friendly. And has big plans:

Amit worked already since she was 20 years old in the fashion industry. She worked for a variety of national and international brands, traveled halfway around the world and gave itself an impression of production facilities and conditions around the globe. The latter probably not just surprisingly was the main reason, why she one day simply could no longer bear the circus. To much suffering, too much looking away and ignoring abuses. Kyle worked in Portugal, when she decided to start his own label, which uses sustainable materials and fair is produced in Portugal. The beginning of ignore.

Ignore is by the way not a vegetarian brand, Kyle uses some ecological leather for jackets and skirts. That would therefore be these products for me and I wish me, that even the last leather products would be veganisiert, is quite clear. Nevertheless, but that doesn’t change the fact, that ignore of one of the best and most interesting labels on the green fashion is sky – with a lot of potential for success in the luggage. And over on the right way: off, there is for example no mother-of-Pearl buttons this season more blouses and co. And ignore also donates a portion of the revenue at animal shelters in India or Portugal, which specialize in the recording and maintenance of dogs. What has told me about her label Dino, there as an interview:

Hi Dino, tell me, how many people work exactly for ignore?

In the moment I manage the label alone, but still got support from a small team: Freelancer Marjoleine, who takes care of all technical things in the production, Elisabete which is Freelancer also knows about production and product development and then Marcel, an expert in management is – here is my personal weakness. I have also worked with four great sale agents, the ignore sell through their showrooms in Zurich, Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Antwerpen.

What is the idea behind ignore, and what differentiates you from other brands?

Ignore timeless and classic fashion for women offers, which can be combined with each other and which can be worn all year round. Garments with high quality, you want to have your whole life in the closet. Ignore highlights and flatters the female body through clear design make you feel strong for any occasion, just probably in your skin. Ignore means for me „ from appearance to awareness “.

Can you describe for us in 3 words ignore?

Simple, clear and free of season.

Can you describe the woman, best represents the ignore?

The Ignorefrau is a consumer, loves the simple fashion with high quality, which is concerned to the environment in which she live and the people with whom she are to. She want to make every day better decisions, whether it be the food that they eat, the places they visited and the clothes which she wears.

Extent to which clothing can emphasize the self-consciousness and the inner strength of a woman?

Clothes can change how you feel, she can make you become stronger. I see this often when I don’t something from my collection models or girlfriends. I can see how it changed immediately: go straight, they have this certain glow and they smile. These small changes make me happy.

Why you chose for the construction of a sustainable label?

I think that this is the future and that we need to care more for the environment. The planet has been given to us, we use it, we enjoy it and we live on it. But we often forget to give something back. With ignore, I would like to create awareness. Although we are still small I think that many little things can be later for something big.

You have decided for a production in Europe. Is there a reason why you’ve chosen for example against Asia as production location?

I produce in Portugal because I have so much respect for the land and the people who live and work in the fashion industry. Many of the production facilities are family companies operating in this area for generations. Also, because I have so long there live and speak Portuguese, it is easier to communicate and to control the production process for me. It’s not like that I would not produce in Asia, but as a small it is there nearly impossible to know where your products are manufactured exactly labels and under what conditions.

Where do you see yourself and ignore in 10 years?

I’ll put everything that ignore is a global fashion brand in the upscale area. Ignore is to be the first brand, established the sustainable fashion in this segment. In addition to partner shops, I would like to open also ignore flagship stores in Paris, New York and Berlin. I want that the people the ignore feeling and the ignore experience philosophy when they enter one of the stores.

Love Kyle thanks for the interview,.

Sweater: NOLA recycled denim

Faux leather pants: Sage vegan

Top: Black Organic cotton

Credit collage: ignore, tumbrl (loostsoouul, markymonkey)