Everyday Helper Care Tips, Innovation & Design – With The Samsung Addwash

It’s been about seven years, because I spent my winter in the beautiful Australian summer: to study and life, to travel around and be crazy, to parachuting and people get to know. I didn’t have much in my luggage: the greatest journey of my life spent a few basics, what you need exactly – and I in them until I had only a handful of them at the end of this period. From Perth to Cairns from Brisbane through the Outback to Melbourne to Sydney – in the usseligsten hostels far and wide with the most wonderful people from around the world. Living out of a suitcase means to limit to pack to move, to unpack and enjoy things. Even if it should don’t really interest us in this time, one thing was omnipresent: where do we find the next laundry – and this time what will say goodbye from our pets. Australian washing machines offered us just three programs: cold, warm, or hot – and ate for their lives like fond Reisebuddys. And so I learned at that time that washing machines are more than just cleaning helpers: after all, we trust our material dreams to them. Mama always knew what I realized with a shock: who loves fashion and estimates, you need also a washing machine, he can trust.

Why I all earful today telling you? Because washing naturally takes up an ever-increasing role in my life: Since Wilma, there is significantly more wash than before – and the theme of Alltagssuperhero Gets a completely different significance in my life. No wonder that Samsung now came to us and pretty much convinced us with their latest washer technology: addwash is the Zauberwörtchen – and that allows us for the first time, to fill the machine, because we have lost half of the dirty particles on the way again after switching on. An innovation, so simply so great – and so far not actually on the market. Time so the wonderful addwash with its features closer look to imagine, to betray you on top a few useful washing tips and to give a handful of Nice around the often much too suspiciously viewed topic in the budget.

Samsung addwash store-

Curated by ignant

Who is in Berlin, should also throw a detour in the specially designed addwash concept store. Ignant in cooperation with the design magazine you will find there is not merely all information about the machine, but also most beautiful from the world of design, which is the addwash still a mini little better moves aka the perfect inspiration around the bathroom in the right light and offers the drum. The curated selection of design products is available in addition until September 2016 on Pinterest.

Open from 10 June from Monday to Saturday from 11: 00 to 19: 00

In Prenzlauer Berg, in the Rykestraße 47.

To the really special now but again the

Samsung addwash: Allows you to download!

The washing machine is loaded, in the head we go through more time fix, if everything in it is. The Start button is pressed, the half-turn out from the bath is completed and the lost sock is sad in the hallway. It happened to me all the time that I forget one, two, three parts for the washing machine – and with the eyes roll because I exactly because of this a piece of clothing but just started, to deal with the laundry. That – at least in the House of Samsung’s now. After filling at different times: no problem, thanks to the door in the porthole, which enables the reloading of clothes by a sock to jeans,. Even textiles that are only washed or spun can be added later. Kafaei!

Simple addwash door revolutionized the washing and enables easy loading of forgotten pieces of clothing time to reload via smart home app best Waschleistung has the best times to add fabric softener or the adding of additional laundry by technologies like Super speed and schaumaktiv a child lock that prevents accidental opening of the door the different wash programmes can be displayed just about the smart display home app on the Tablet/smartphone even from the Samsung addwash is now available on the road are chosen

Our washing tips-

Thoroughly tested

Pretreatment is always good! For example, with a cold soda or gall (the best!) Directly to the respective spot! (Bluflecken go out so well!) If it is not so dirty: shampoo to handle before use: is often much milder when SOAP is an old pillow case stand out as a linen cover in the wash. You thereby protects delicate laundry (silk, elaborate lace or embroidery) and prevents that so quickly clogged with fine linen low spin numbers set the filter of the washing machine, to protect delicate abrasion fabrics, prints and lace. An excellent alternative washing powder can produce without chemicals from common horse chestnut: chestnut first Peel, crush, dry, and then grind to a fine powder. Namely, chestnuts contain the effective as washing substance saponins. Whites remains more beautiful, if one them off (as it was then) and sets out to a lawn bleach. The freshly washed clothes are laid out in the evening on the lawn, sprinkled with fresh water and left overnight in the open air. Woollen quiet then and when time in the freezer Plug and stow away for 3 days there, kills moths, promised. The jeans manufacturer recommends: Wash Jeans only after half a year. Really true! And then only with dark stuff, please!

And what about lingerie?

Wear your Bras never more than two days, otherwise the shape wear out. Hand wash programs – aaaaaan! And wash please only laundry bag and instructions. Always make sure that white separately is washed by colorful underwear – otherwise there are stains. As a general rule: no hotter than 40 ° C wash bras and fine lace. Not for high temperatures without fabric softener use slide holder and hook back closure. He softens the delicate fibres of lingerie. Pull the laundry before washing for special hygiene: Once through a Luke warm bath with vinegar. Encloses at the same time the colour pigments of the lingerie and protects against stains. Blood stains Special: read on aspirin bubble tablet in a little water and DAB blood stain that. The stains vanish before your eyes. Kafaei. For large-scale contamination, simply soak the garment in aspirin water – then according to more tablets dissolve large amounts of water.

And so it smells good, too:

Just a handkerchief with your favorite perfume spray, with a move into the drawer.

Do you have more tips & tricks? Then keep ’em Comin’!

Beauty around the washing machine

And because we like to times criminally neglect the washing area and the subject of washing all the great plays much too often is wary, have driven around, finally to the small, fine Waschecke also let’s us in this place on top for you in the most beautiful interior stores to pay their portion of the necessary attention. There are even more inspiration on the Samsung addwash store in Berlin!

(4) download screenshot 2016-06-12 to 13.44.16 download (3) ljusnan basket with lid he set__32340_PE091696_S4 cinas-4413-18765-1 mesh-caillebotis-en-teck-naturel_353239 menu-1332-74392-1 9114_1 godmorgon box with fachern wei __0107441_PE257118_S4 clear-make up Organizer clear twin Organizer 4139_1 download ackan bottles st-

Drying rack made of wood.

Rattan chair by pretty.

Clothespins made of wood.

Raffia baskets for storage.

Linen boxes 2 pieces.

Wood mat.

Mirror with marble base.

Shower curtain.

Small box with compartments.

Acrylic makeup Organizer.

For cotton pads and ear buds.

Round towel suspension.

Shell for soaps.

Small vials.

Toilet brush.

Sink made of concrete & wood.

LDP – liquid laundry detergent.

Toothbrush tumbler.

Head made of bamboo for towels.

Lavender SOAP.

Ironing Board.

Small laundry myths list:

Short wash programmes are more efficient than the other programs.

-No. Short wash programmes are designed to clean clothes in a short time. But who saves time, requires more water and heat. That is the other way around: you give your clothes more time, it is more energy-efficient.

I can tights only hand wash.

-No. Nylon and Perlonstrümpfe can safely wash at temperatures up to 60 ° c in the washing machine. In order for there not to be damaged by zippers or other top applications, all in the laundry bag should be – washed of course or in a knotted stocking.

My machine is destroyed without descaling agents.

-Descaler are unnecessary. Nowadays, all detergents contain substances which soften the water.

-In friendly cooperation with Samsung -.