Dress Scarf Print Hayden Panettiere or Paris Hilton?

A Hayden Panettiere We tend not to see it or quote it too, it is not among our advantaged students but occasionally gives the Bell and it is always nice to see (apart from that uan is a fan of the character of Claire Bennet in Heroes). It has now gone to singer, just these days has released the video for their first single, “Wake Up Call”, we’ll see if over time it becomes the successor to Hillary Duff.

Paris Hilton is on the other hand is one of our favorite, the Apple of our eye for being so bold and fresh, so real, so, and above all, so spontaneous and unpredictable, It gives us a lime and sand, and we are more than happy to.

Both have coincidodo these days with two similar prints, Hayden in Orange, Paris in blue dresses, and I’ll stick with Panettiere, who was absolutely spectacular, perfectly made-up and combed, and floaty dress cut like much more. Chosen by Paris, shoes are a total blunder that lackluster look almost got.


Last Night’s Look: Hit or Miss?

Last Night's Look: Hit or Miss?

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Finest Glasses Team

Finest Glasses Team

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