Designer Indoor Use Statement Why Fashion May Be Political, And Even Should.

I was just, to write a little hymn of praise to all those fashion houses that take a clear position in times like the present. The is – in the case – would refuse to provide a member of the Trump family per free fine twine (Joseph Altuzarra, Tom Ford, Sophie Theallet, opening ceremony, Marc Jacobs), which pick up the protest on the catwalk (how about Lala Berlin, on their runway a poster with the word “I am an immigrant” held in the hands) , order against “the attacks on human dignity” to protest), decide collectively to, love to propagate a little subtle, but for full bottle. As OC with the launch of the global Varsity jackets. Or g with its #Lovesociety for example. Demna Gvasalia, whose writings for the Balenciaga collection does not just happen in the red and white “Bernie Sanders” logo recalled. As I stumbled in the comment column, but also on blogs and in magazines already immediately on a few a few critics * inside, the the “standing up” fashion quite contrary to my own emotions as “clever marketing calculus” made up. Or at least then asked how political fashion may be actually.

I just stopped short, answered me with the words “they must even” (such as Journelles also), rummaged continued and Simons menswear show finally found in RAF Gaffa tape instead of belt. The designer explains this: “I wanted to go back to how I experienced New York in the beginning and combine it with how I experience it now. So this fresh young direction to the city and everything it stands for and what is happening now. (…) “Ask me do I think that you should stand up against what is happening in this country, then I say yes.” Probably quite a few examples will follow during the fashion weeks. And although I am of the opinion that the critical questioning of capitalist structures as well as pillorying clever marketing tricks whenever you are indispensable, I can persist only in this case on my point of view, which is clearly for the benefit of any media power “for a good cause” speaks out. Regardless of whether or how to simultaneously own wallet is filled. Preferably, I would even say “just about”. Because I’m tired of long discussion, which once fame-inismus started with the,.

“We wanted to loven the fact that the America we know is comprised of a diverse and expansive group of nations. To do so through our iconic varsity jacket felt like a perfect way to highlight each country’s unique attributes – through colour, symbols and patterns.” – Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, opening ceremony.

2015 it moving over “radical feminist” slogans at acne Studios on today wearing own convinced has been a matter of course, although is still in dispute. I think it is as strict as author Julia Korbik, which constantly keeps Ted talks on the subject and “stand up” brought to the market:

“(…) And if it is, that a young woman thanks Miley Cyrus (quote “I am the most feminist of the world!”) Lust gets to employ, with feminism and the associated movement, I find this pretty awesome: Celebrity feminism as a gateway drug. From there, it’s up to texts by Simone de Beauvoir, Roxane Gay or Gloria Steinem isn’t quite as far.” mode works for me after similar mechanisms, but above all as a mouthpiece. And of which there are just now not enough.


The frequently used argument of the “clever marketing” pulls in addition limited. For us, for those who write it here or read, is still set the popping bubble, in which we find ourselves. In you are interested it is political, or even both taken together. In all of our enlightened we should remember but quickly, that argues perhaps even the majority of the crowd for convenience. I can give you no significant statistics at hand, but when looking at the company I can’t get to those around, which remain rather apolitical. Discuss in private, instead of publicly don’t take a stand, through clothing. For a clear statement from pages of a designer is tends to be a selling point, on the contrary even. However, we talk of brands such as g, that right satisfy the hunger of their target group with their hearts for a world-improving image, we are facing a whole new point of criticism. But even a man, I can only partially agree.

PI about commented on:

“(…) And since it is a little memorable, if the artistic intention so world verb esserisch is represented as words except for beautiful but nothing behind it stand to seems, don’t you think?
If love and attentiveness of the artists soul were really so important as this cute attributed on the flags then you could maybe also on a tiny part without the huge margin around the world in real a little better to make”

With all sympathy for these lines, increasingly annoyed by objections such as these, which felt emotions I , but not nourished by reasoning. It’s me too easy, others always “more” to demand. More authenticity, more commitment, more everything. But where is the beginning? Who can still make his mouth, respond, or even from free will act if a flawless biography is needed? We would see the world increasingly through finger glasses, we would do probably prefer labels such as g, when the designer * inside behind the beak. Who is not a statement, is finally a little vulnerable. Ventured a first step on the other hand, is suddenly in the cross-fire. Topsy-turvy world, if you ask me.

PI also wrote: “this superficial weltverbessertum to stimulate the konsumes without real content and consequences depends on me really to the neck out, and I feel of many brands as consumer grade really a little veraeppelt.” at the first moment I nod. In the second but, I seriously wonder whether you really can’t blame a fire, to want to sell. Probably already, this is getting. But I feel actually in no way entitled to do so, to deny the creators of this fashion of any real interest in the political situation of the world. Designer * inside are people. People who are looking for inspiration, the conversations, soak up the spirit of the times to want to implement and not stand idly – despite said selling interests probably inherent in every similar profession.

„(…) The world felt – and does it still – as a dark place. The collection, titled love society, is my form of a contribution to the situation. I’ll stick to the ideal of a loving, careful society. One that seeks dialogue, urges us to stand together and each other eight to give. With love there is always hope.”- Alex Reffstrup, Cretative Director.

Also the German-Iranian Leyla Piedayesch (Lala Berlin) sometimes for personal reasons the public protest decided to: “we have to fit the whole Tuesday and I’m relatively resolved, not revised, but totally stressed out at ten o’clock in the bed went and could then but not asleep. Then I have taken hung all night Facebook basically and reads through all messages with background and everything you need. Because my head has annealed and then I was thinking somehow, I now have to do what. And the result was then, that i’ve prepared the sign the next day and went in then out with it.” (dandy diary)

How could I’s me so ever presume to make it null and void this personal processes to be pilloried or to label calculus? This works only without if and but when I separate the fashion as such by any discipline of art. If I ultimately their value as a pure consumer above all else. This fashion, also even a very considerable part of box of art and Designer makes artists who time and again have a chance to process social developments in its collections, to wake up whether commercially or not. I am grateful for that. Because if only a single Viewer as a result of a shield on the catwalk or a slogan on a sweater starts to search for other answers, that nothing was free. And then the resulting profit as the taste is really rather than silent and therefore inalienable idleness.