Designer for Tomorrow the Young Scientists award & the 5 lucky finalists in the quick check

After our short news of the week you already had whispered to, that Mr. Tommy Hilfiger the new designer aka the patron of the young talent award designer for tomorrow will be, we ask you today, as promised, the top 5 of the DfT finalists before.

Promotion of young talent meets Fashion House – and that since 2009. And because like to much attention to the design proteges, there’s not just a first look at the creations of aspiring designers, but a brief description is on top – so you also closely know know who here is the speech. Promotion is written large behind-the-ears:

To learn more, we have visited the five lucky last Thursday when their Preparation Day in Berlin. Preparation Day – that is to say: meet first preparation for the big show: the final at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

More specifically: Coaching by experts, including jury member Bay Garnett, in various areas, such as PR, self-presentation, show production and styling.

Much may be still not shown and chattering, we have of course still don’t take it from us, closer look ask and providing brief profiles of the five finalists together Thursday not only up about ears have blasted, but were also a little afraid – of course before the awards show itself, and the “big Tommy Hilfiger”.

Name: Julia Winkler University: ESMOD Berlin (Berlin, Germany) senior year: 2012 comes out: Zernez, Switzerland lives in: Berlin, Germany

Keypiece of the collection:


Style: Sleek with many great details; to see the cuts and fabrics. Very important: everything, along with the rest of the collection, seems acceptable at the first moment and impresses more restrained shades like grey.

My comment: I am a little bit in love with the cuts of Julia. They are classically paired with a little extravagance. Not all colors are mine, but convince you can call myself a little minimalism fan anyway.

What we have learned about Julia: Julia wants to be her own boss now. With a lot of girl power, it wants to conquer the fashion world after she had to collect unfortunately bad experiences in their last job as a designer.

Name: Maria Roche Universitat: Griffith Collage (Dublin, Irland) Abschlussjahr: 2012 Kommt aus: Dublin, Irland Wohnt in: Dublin, Irland

Keypiece of the collection:


Style: Magical – Maria works with exceptional designs and has evolved from the human body and his silhouette is inspired, so they themselves.

My comment: This is not about fashion for everyday use, but a show that convincingly put Maria definitely with her final collection. Also that her collection in a commercial form should be placed, if they win should no problem would be for them.

What we have learned about Maria: Maria would dress to the favourite David Bowie. But in the dress? Why not! On the question of why Maria wants to start directly as your own boss, she explains that she was written off as ‘different from the others’. That makes them now to the benefit of and is motivated like never before.

Name: Matteo Lamandini

University: Istituto Marangoni Milano (Milan, Italy) final year: 2013 comes from: Milan, Italy lives in: Milan, Italy

Keypiece of the collection:


Style: Classic cuts, checkered fabrics and a merciless mix of patterns.

My comment: I actually thought to have seen me on the acclaimed Plaid patterns of in recent years. But when I look at his collection and Matteo, I get pleasure again. Unfortunately only for guys, but what there is because the boyfriend-style.

What we have learned about Matteo: Matteo itself carries a very different style than what constitutes his collection. To the question why, replied he, that he was still too young for his collection and feel not ready, so classic running around. But he loved these ‘ironic look”, which reflects the societies of the past for him.

Name: Sylvia Roustcheva University: new Bulgarian University (Ovcha Kupel, Bulgaria) senior year: 2014 comes out: Sofia, Bulgaria lives in: Sofia, Bulgaria

Keypiece of the collection:


Style: Rough knitting patterns in extravagant shapes and silk as a contrast to the heavy wool.

My comment: cuddly looks, it’s also. Since I wish almost the winter back – and in in one of the creations of Sylvia.

What we have learned about Sylvia: when Sylvia WINS, she is looking forward to build up their collection as a brand and to develop. All the power woman with good business sense in the Hinterköpfchen.

Name: Yong Shin Universität: Central St. Martins (London, UK) Abschlussjahr: 2012 Kommt aus: Seoul, Südkorea Wohnt in: Seoul, Südkorea

Keypiece of the collection:


Style: Pretty extravagant, elegant and chic.

My comment: Yong shines with substances which are occupied with metal elements and traversed with glossy materials. In addition, his cuts are striking and unusual sexy. Because Yong, as he himself says, his collection designed for “sexy women”.

What we have learned about Yong: Yong has participated on several awards and can convince primarily in Italy. No wonder we don’t and the self-conscious Yong anyway.

Et voilà: the top 5 out of over 270 European applicants. And we draw our Panama Hat and congratulate. We are further excited to see how it goes and we hope you’ll find your favorites as well as I: Matteo, it is!

Here you can see who is now ultimately decide about the winner of the designer for tomorrow Awards:

Christiane Arp (editor in Chief of Vogue), John Cloppenburg (member of the corporate Board of the Peek & Cloppenburg KG Düsseldorf and fashion ID GmbH & Co. KG), Melissa drier (German correspondent for women’s wear daily), Bay Garnett (stylist, author), Karen Heumann (founder and Chairman (speaker) thjnk), Marcus Luft (fashion Director, Member of the editorial board Gala), Annette Weber (Chief Editor of InStyle), Michael Werner (editor-in-Chief TextilWirtschaft).

We’ll keep you of course continue on the current < 3 and now off to the Sun with you!