CPH Fashion Week Henrik Vibskov, Designer Nest, Tree + Horse Garden, Cecilie Bahnsen & Won Hundred

Long time the Copenhagen fashion week was one of our favorite fashion weeks: when Henrik, Stine and co called, we hesitated not two seconds to accept our invitations and to book the flight to Scandinavia. At some point however we looked at the always similar and “cool kid” while tired and turned our eyes much prefer to Paris and Italy. But again it’s time, the views to switch to, proven recently almost all fall/winter looks for the coming winter. Here no one is trying to create more of the Xth sporty outfit, but merges naturally with Danish relaxation currents of the large.

Mountain boots make romantic dresses, Terry cloth towels run as top, pin-striped Tankini and quilted celebrate their comeback and two young designers move quite easily on our screen. But see for yourself:

Henrik Vibskov:

In the past seasons had we accused of repeatedly Henrik Vibskov, to stop a little bit on the spot, were the individual collections but each other to decide. In the winter 2017, Mister Vibskov however shows how you can remain faithful and still further moves. O silhouettes, lots and lots of denim and the emphasis on the Hüftpartie are the focus.

Tree + horse garden

Tree + horse garden prove season after season, how to translate the trends of the major of Milan and co in the here and now. Most important trend trends:

Floral slip dresses over shirts Netzsstrumpfe vinyl as far as the eye can see diamonds en mass reservations we are in the eye: the checkerboard

Cecilie Bahnsen:

Cecile Bahnsen is our personal rediscovery of the fashion week. Romantic dresses make this rough mountain boots. Save to list!

Astrid Andersen:

, Astrid Andersen belongs also to our rediscovery of Copenhagen’s – and that can be found in the corner “cool kid” again. Along with their great theme in oversized, as well as turned to golf, belt is as we know it from our youth and satin.

Designer nest:

Wearing a towel as a top? Can do! At designer nest will be processed and drappiert, gelayert and combined with the impossible the impossible. Works!

Note: pin-stripe!

Won hundred:

Because even when won hundred the pinstriped suit comes back, as well as the bright red tights, lined denim jacket, the sealing tape and the Jetty trousers,

By Malene Birger:

By Malene Birger, there is more. At least we are otherwise used. Three looks have nevertheless convinced: the checkered two-parter, the color combination of Bordeaux and purple and the extra long stripe shirt to vinyl-rock.