Column The Social Media Guide For Lovebirds

Today the focus is time for once not the filthy suffering of the masses. No, I me take it in this issue of social fringe – namely the unsustainable environmental people category “newly in love”. We all already know today nothing worked, not even or not, love without Internet Exchange. The way through open tabs of love is paved with misunderstandings and Wi-Fi-Venus traps.

Time you angry love birds times out of the gray zone of dear – network communication to get out. Thus, you lovebirds may be no twittering morons birds. Take this experience guide as strictly loving shoulder Thumper, you poor sweet marzipan pig. Only so it can be at all what with both of you.

Bend from the leased line

You’re clear written mad quick-witted and funny. Logically, you’ll experience a hundred things that you want to share with him/her so necessary every day. Whether it’s your song, what down humming just in the barber shop while you give you new hair highlights can be – or the idea for your next trip of love (Spreewald uuuh Yes) – the blast information of the day save friends until you look again. Until then, can you also like to once again draw anything through the filter of reality and think about whether you really need to tell every single meal, you took today to you.

Listen to time to play

No, wrong – stop! Please just listen to your best friend needed to post something quite terribly mysterious on the wall for friends. Also the number with the comments and wrong tags with interesting people in mega crazy places alone valuable life time robs just friends first and foremost. Internet-jealous Mach-games are just like in reality, infantile and pointless, you dummy. No one needs this – really nobody.

Will not love redneck

The same applies to the continual flaunting your ACHSOGLÜCKLICHEN new love on the Inter net. Of course the urge is overwhelming, the first photo of the Baltic Sea weekend in a beach chair with you on all channels out shoot – on any houses walls to wallpaper and best a big party of your three-day relationship in honor to celebrate with all people in the world. I would however strongly discourage. To go the chance for you in the external perception as mucus spin so all animal on the bag is higher than to make happy so that you and others. Love is quiet – you ROAR Hans, you realize that at some point even. If you do no longer stand it, hiding messages in your public posts that get really (!) Only he or she as a love message. Kami?

Keep clean your channels

Not just irony and sarcasm are as the written word often faster misinterpreted when you can tap “My battery is somehow empty”. Then clarify misunderstandings, then everything else is as cool and relaxed and reminiscent of a tilted to dustbin as in sweetes umher Geschreibe. Check so each message simply whether you now just vitae this actually no longer as “Hello here am I, mind me, say something dear and take me on the ARM” to say the thirteenth time – or have a real, tangible message that you would like to share with him.

Stalk, you Pamela!

There yet no herb has grown against. Either you spend the entire day on every conceivable source of social media to see, where, with whom and why your heart man ever just depends – or you let it remain easy, chillst on your life and doing more pleasant your days on the world’s. You’re the one who chose to it – and then yes something must behind plug, non? If he / she but want to lie / must, then want to / have she to lie – however, you can change unfortunately in anything. Not quite so. Trust is everything that helps create. Do it but instead to your project. Amen.

Reality before Cyber tête à-tête

Meeting with the best friend of the acres in the Office or in the operating room open heart, tea parties with Grandma or just in the shower – remember this simple rule of thumb to happiness: reality going on. You once made the mistake, give you any of his / her messages as if it were a doctoral thesis, you’ve lost already – and the reference to your life of what is taking place, while going gross breakdown in love steeply into the Instagram. So away with the Smartphone when you’re busy with your environment. And take then deliberately time for a nice reply, as soon as it suits you in the stuff.

Is missing sau strongly

Just enjoy this biting, bright warm feeling in the middle of your body, which made wide there for less time and you can’t sleep, eat, or anything think otherwise as it can be. A message, a sign on them must be followed by every impulse. Really not. No one is therefore less – on the contrary. The missing stand until the next bye, damn it – you’ll see how much did you then to tell you about her. No magic. No crap.

Don’t drink and Internet

Find a competent Smartphone sponsor to submit a friend inaugurated in your love disease – which, to all three Devil unable get name, to write their and your name on the local – table-cloth around it to scribble heart and photographed here we go with all care and meticulousness for at best on them prior to each event. Or does anyone know what worse. And, the diminutive is not your friend – even if vodka says something else, you Süßileinchen.

Also sometimes break

And then the deep inner desire in this awkward moment to send a Selfie of friends in the whats app window gen love come over you but – with honigsüßem comment: subject “Anticipation tonight”. Thirty herzäugige emoticons afterwards. And what do you do? Don’t worry, then you must not bury you also see a mound of dirt – so we are do people. And now comes: each of these rules here, can and should and must be broken from time to time. Everything is allowed in love and the internetwork.

And one to the end, so we’re here for all time final of the table and display: answers they so not – not only today but also tomorrow – and the already three weeks before that not. My heart, then be strong now for a time, take of like a proud Warrior and understand: he/she is simply not for you. Point. At the end. Off. Please do not call back.