Chanel Haute Couture Charles Muse Lily-Rose Depp & Details That We We Should Note

This is Haute Couture? A friend asked me recently, as were a showcase, which was packed with Opulenzen. She was quite sure. And almost a bit sad when I finally had to disagree. Of course, when literally translated this term, nothing more than “fine tailoring” is meant to. He might therefore as often used, usually, but wrongly. Average worldwide there are indeed only a total of 20 Designhäuser, that the attribute protected in France may call their own and thus to the exquisite circle of the “Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne ‘ count. Very tailors Guild actually every year on the new decides who should be there and who’s not. To preserve the high tailoring that is selected according to strict criteria. Each HC collection must consist of at least 35 unique, for which only the highest quality and most exclusive materials may be processed – by hand work. Machines banned. For a single evening dress Arbeiststunden will be therefore up to 1000. It’s no longer so, who presents the most visually exuberant creations, on the contrary, high fashion can sometimes almost portable impact. To fit Charles new restraint with regard to the otherwise fond of constructed locations, witness back to the supermarket or the airport. This time, the spectacle in memory of the small Salon shows of that time was almost a new calm in the Haute Couture had established itself as a. Maybe a statement against the volume being of the world seems to manifest all currently only further by Trump. “I wanted something impeccable, clean. I wanted the girls to look like walking fashion drawings,” described Karl Lagerfeld himself his parade.

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with a mixture of timid references to the eveningwear of the 80s, classic costumes in modern colours and Schößchenen, ballerina dreams, deep in the back of the head worn micro cylinders as she loved already Coco and the fire but above all for one is the obvious personal favor of the designer spring finesse and anklets made of genuine pearls, : For Chanel herself. No other comparisons necessary.

And of course we can take back inspiration with a touch of the catwalk. Had already quickly reflected on Instagram:

the summer will be probably in the character of the elegant ankle jewelry: shed blouses are thin, silk scarves replaced, which as loop loosely around the neck bound are: more mid, please – why in metallic Tönen.Breite belt use as a distinguished element of coats, jackets, dresses and sweaters best in contrast to heavy, grounding materials : And then there is the courage to the hat. But really now. Placed comfortably on the head: Muse of Karl Lagerfeld, the 16 year old actress Lily-rose Depp could (daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradise) finally present a pink wedding dress.