Beauty Special 10 + Questions On Beauty Editor Julia Alfert

I may have been the very worst beauty editor of the world years ago, I was endowed with so little idea for creams, ingredients and new releases. Plus, I called me for much too lazy and left my past before paths really extremely reluctant. As a little treat on top, my tongue knotted himself already then, if I should read the latest schonmachenden releases ever loud. I could even remember my own products on the edge of the sink waiting with what super promising titles. Today there is hope however, because gradually also I put my nose every now and then in this posh pots and have a weakness for fragrant natural cosmetics. Because I would call me even still as world’s largest lay in the beauty field, we have taken on board recently support us on board. Because Scalamari Jane is however still a little in their small break, at this point tips and tricks from the world’s best replacement: in our beauty special.

Our beauty specialist * Interior tell they actually rely on what products and Beautifier, what constitutes beauty for them at all, and what tips received with them from the beloved Maman on the way us every seven days. And also this week an expert who must know chats about her beauty routine: l’officiel beauty boss Julia Alfert:

The native Hamburg moved it from Paris fortunately directly to us to Berlin – and a short time later in the Editorial Office of the then newly launched Harper ’ s Bazaar magazine. Before she finished her studies of art history and worked until mid-2015 as a fashion and beauty Assistant Jamie mentioned Burda title. Our paths crossed shortly afterwards: of course at a beauty event. More specifically, at the autumn/winter launch latest makeup products from the House of Chanel. Meanwhile, the 29 as beauty Director for the German edition of the l’officiel responsible, takes on top to the Beautifier on Hey Woman! And works entirely by the way as a stylist. Kafaei!

More from Julia can be found at l’officiel, at Hey Woman! And on Instagram.

1 what beauty tip has been your mummy or your grandma gave you with?

By Mama: Sun, sea and Greek herbs (we have every summer on Crete spent, between goats, oranges and oregano). This combination makes it happy and therefore beautiful.
And from my grandmother: “what to wear warm the feet, Jule!” -Count because as beauty tip?

2 do you have a morning beauty routine? If Yes, what is the?

After waking up I drink hot water – as first a glass sometimes lemon.
Then brush your teeth, and then under the shower. I wash my hair shampoo and conditioner by Davines mostly with the “Oi”. Or with Christophe Robin. With its products, not with Christophe itself. The sea salt scalp scrub, which transforms at the massaging in shampoo, is a hit. Even if you always hear daily wash was not good, do I wash them but every morning. With the right products it doesn’t hurt them – on the contrary. And I’m feeling better by the day. The cream comes after showering. Thus, it depends mostly of the season and my mood. Without a little Nuxe I never go oil out of the House. No fragrance, so many beautiful memories are linked like on the French oil classic. And no one makes such soft skin. In the face of a few squirts of Mario Badescu come face water to the be awake, then a serum, a cream and a few swabs eye care. Also I’m carrying on mixed a shimmer lotion with sunscreen. Concealer, eyebrows slightly darken and handle brushes, Rouge and everything with highlighter or coconut oil bring to finally shine and shape. In the hair, I give a little spray treatment and let them dry in the air.

I always wonder why I need in the morning so long in the bathroom, but now that I read even after so much becomes clear me. It is evening quite fix. Really true!

4 your favourite Instagram accounts on which you beauty inspiration every now and then get friends?

Intothegloss and glossier – because everything is so beautiful pink. And Isamaya Ffrench.

5 hair rubber to the tweezers: your 3 unbeatable everyday helpers:

1 Eyelash curler – I almost never ink my lashes, but they look much fuller by a light flywheel.
2. A good brush: this is half the battle for beautiful hair – I find super June Ainscough.
3.Eine not too hard bristle nail brush. I find that works like a gentle exfoliation, removes cuticles and makes everything beautiful clean.

6 from the manicure to the eyelash extensions: which beauty ritual is regularly refreshed?

At, I’m going to the pedicure and beautician. And quite sometimes to the massage. Also, I’m a beauty day at regular intervals itself with a hair mask from Philip Kingsley, applied before washing. Get shiny hair till you drop! With peeling, face mask, manicure … The whole program.

7 what you swear?

Oil! Is always and for everything and I have honestly one for each part of the body. On the highlighter by RMS. I have found no better still – and I am really critical at Highlightern. That may not too much glitter, shimmer slightly. Because I’m a fan of shimmer, a friend has called it “forever shining freshness film” on my eyelids and cheeks. And on the eye serum by Aesop. Store in the fridge! Nothing makes my tired eyes again awake after a boozy faster.

8 so I would look most every day – that’s why:

Unflattering and slightly tanned, relaxed and almost asleep. Sleep is probably my greatest passion. That is always and everywhere and without enough sleep, with me anyway to do.

9 cucumber mask and scrub we know: what diy tip you got for us?

A peeling of coffee grounds and coconut oil. Makes a small mess in the shower, but super soft and fresh (by the caffeine that works from the outside and the inside) skin.

10 beauty comes from the inside: your credo for more assertive?

And others not to vote. I was just more in Brazil and there is that women, big or small, are in tiny bikinis on the beach on the way and smile to friendly and playful or even compliments instead of being critical to eye noticed, no matter whether thick whether thin. It’s so relaxed, if you have the feeling, not constantly be evaluated looks to be exposed. And relaxation makes it known again beautiful.

11 creams and nastiest beautiful and well: that you take care in addition to beauty products:

On plants and everything, what is green! I would prefer living in a glass cacti and succulent plant greenhouse. Unfortunately, I even no green thumb. But recently we are proud allotment owner. Maybe I will now to the gardener.

12 your most expensive product in the Cabinet?

Is the face of Dr. Barbara Sturm–I got to test it and am considering now to resolve my Bausparvertag for the supply.

13 as get you your face after a long through night again?

With a sheet mask! I find the best eye mask from Magic Stripes or the moisture mask by Verso.

14 subject „ anti aging “: you lean forward? If so, how?

On a handful of products that I try out, is sometimes “anti aging” on it. If prevention is now really, I don’t know. But my iron rule of prevention is actually called sun protection: I use the every day. For face, decollete and the back of the hand.

15 facial muffle or Pingelchen? – if the latter: how and what to make up off you you?

Actually it is enough if I wash my face with a gentle cleaning or just only with lukewarm water. If it was mascara on it, I drink a pad with almond oil and wipe it over the eyes – this removes make-up residue and nourishes the lashes at the same time. To make it even longer!

1000 thanks you dear. What beauty lovers should answer the questionnaire next?

Stella Saleem. The beautiful Berlin photographer lives and works in Istanbul for a few years.