AW 17 Rose Red Details & the #Lovesociety

The world felt – and does it still – as a dark place. The collection, titled love society, is my form of a contribution to the situation. I’ll stick to the ideal of a loving, careful society. One that seeks dialogue, urges us to stand together and each other eight to give. With love there is always hope.”– Ditte Reffstrup, Cretative Director.

Climate change, conflicts, wars, elections – the year 2016 was above all a political one, to then anyone is removed without a trace over from us. We go back on the road, be loud, discuss, looking for explanations and solutions. In a small but especially after talks. To better understand. And to process, to explain what no longer is. Ditte Reffstrups team, many of the conversations, which sometimes had to relate during working hours on that, what would be presented last night at the Copenhagen fashion week dominated conversations about the future of our world. The result of that talks was to see on the catwalk yesterday finally – as #LOVESOCIETY. The theme of love pervades the entire g collection. Is in the form of bold heart and embroideries, Yes, but also by the atmosphere that transported with every single dress. Because it is mainly a comforting warmth, blows us from Denmark’s capital. And looks that are so approachable and portable, you won’t need as meditative, to understand that boundless optimism is now more appropriate than ever.

What I love the most about Gannis sense of fashion, is the direct transferability in the now, which immediately seen have translatable inspiration and any lack of frustration, who is especially wide, if we have the feeling, not in the least to do with us. But has it. The autumn/winter collection 2017 is more than a response to American policy. Instead, it is packed full of pop culture. Of clothes with high collar, which are reminiscent of “My little farm”, up to hot dog and lollipop motifs. We can be part of the love society soon so real, even now. More by attitude than by clothing. Although those should soon also like hiking in our closets:

“the mood of the collection has its roots in the here and now and reflects an objective attitude for the upcoming season. With a color scheme of earthy Brown and Grünt.NEN, lilac, Navy, black and rich orange”