Anti-Material Ideas For Valentine’s Day

I’m not fond of the material gifts for loved ones, really not, just sometimes, when it’s true heart’s desires, I press to both eyes. Accordingly a long time is now I belonged to the ranks of the Valentine’s day UDI, main thing anti, is after all no date set mainly by the industry needed to drown in romance. In fact I see it still, I’m just tired, all the time to paint it all black. The thing is: I’m honest one this complete everyday loser who often don’t even on time make it to the post office, said most, namely one hundred things need to be done at the same time. I watch very little extras for in between, but a day that turns the Web exclusively to butterflies in the stomach, seems to me quite located. A bit like at Christmas, where it is perfectly legitimate to do nothing else for hours as cookies to bake and decorate trees.

In Finland is celebrated friendship on February 14 by the way. And so a love is also in the best case. It speaks so don’t mind a little lard to unpack for the best friend, the secretly brash affair, or the one. Ten ideas follow here – maybe you chat a bit under the covers, many heads have more than a single finally:

Cellar looking for an old tape recorder in Mamas and record a mix tape with all the songs from the beginning. Steal in cruel intentions: A homemade „ I love you “-Schildchen in the Boxer shorts, the BRA or the Lieblingsschal sew. Alternatively, write something more personal/schweinischeres on it. The first SMS conversations print out or write down and stick to a little book together. Make a simple friendship bracelet. Homie, lover, friend and all that! Favorite chocolate on a sheet themselves make, break into small pieces, fill in a bag and secretly put in your jacket pocket. A poster print – with the lyrics of your song (with me was that once you’re the JACKPOT of my life by Tocotronic). Photo Booth love story. 4-8 pictures of you – who ruled pantomime or Eurythmy, is clearly an advantage. Home cinema. Borrow with friends video projector and screen and endure the most terrible favorite movie of your friend / girlfriend with a smile. Instead of dinner: A weeks ration of the favorite dish, Cook and freeze in small portions for the lunch break. Valentine’s week so to speak. A love letter, autograph with ink.