All Eyes On “The Denim Coat” With Gilda Ambrosio

At the thought of denim coats couple pictures of Britney Spears got me so far inevitably and Justin Timberlake’s total denim look from the 00ern in the sense of – and that, although neither of them ever a jeans jacket wore. And anyway, that judgment for jeans coats stood: trashy to the goes to the goal no longer and completely passing shot. Only ensured a Gilda Ambrosio now during London fashion week that that might change my opinion on the issue: while I would prefer probably still each other coat of this jeans version or rather rely on a short denim model, which long has variant’s still a mini little made it out of the drawer.

A look at the major online stores this virtual world shows anyway: the offer is quite lush. Just seems a catch’s meanwhile to announce: we fairly quick drop in the high-priced corner. The reason? But still a slight Britney-x-Justin Association depends on the cheap models. Long may the thing with the Kopierei no longer take in Balenciaga, dries van Noten and MSGM what do, will be certainly very soon also in the chain. Another question will be whether these however can keep up with the originals. In any case, we remain skeptical and squinting just a little to the upcoming fashion weeks in the world over: perhaps the penny falls after a little more Gilda Ambrosia lookalike PA.

We have put here a small selection of current denim coats for you:

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