Above’re Fashion Malmö

Above Magazine is the latest advent in the large flora of street fashion sites from Sweden. This time it is Malmö’s turn to be documented. We phoned up one of the initiators, Donald Peterson, to ask a few quick questions:

Hi, my name is Björn and calling from Manolo.se …
– Thanks, but I’m not interested. [Click]

I wait for a minute and think about the logic of that first e-mail us and tell us about their site, and then add on in my ear when I call. Then the phone rings:

– Oh, uh, yeah, it went a bit fast there. Where did you say you were calling from?

– Ah, okay … What did you know?

Tell us about how the project started.
– There’s a couple of these kinds of pages in Sweden this. And at last, Malmö has exploded on the fashion scene, but there is no forum for it to show up. So we started Above Magazine and tried to do it in a slightly different way, not just shoot someone anonymously, and then upload the picture. We wanted to add a little more time on each person.

How does Malmo that Swedish fashion city?
– I think it’s cruel – people are much more aware than they were before. We are probably still in the lee of Stockholm and Copenhagen, Gothenburg but we can measure ourselves with now. Soon we pick Stockholm too!

What are you looking for when you photograph?
– We’re looking for people who stand out. Those who have an idea of what they are getting dressed before they go out. It is quite difficult to find the right people, and there are always those who are absolutely the finest that have the most urgent.

What are your goals with the site?
– The goal is to let it grow, and begin to cooperate with shops in Malmö. A development in the future would be to make a free newspaper Where2go in Copenhagen for instance.

What Mr trend do you see evident on the streets of Malmö?
– Dressy. Trenchcoat sees just everywhere.